May 16, 2018

Product Update: Blocking Leave Requests for Specific Dates


Businesses often have certain dates or periods of time during which they are really busy and need to have all hands on deck.

For example, your retail store might need to have everyone working on Black Friday or your restaurant could be hosting a huge event over the weekend and need the entire staff to be available.

In light of this common business need, we’ve added a feature that helps managers and schedulers deal with these types of situations by allowing them to block their employees from requesting time off for specific dates.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

How Managers Can Block Leave Requests for Specific Dates

Managers and schedulers can block leave requests for certain dates by heading over to the ShiftPlanning module and creating a note on the particular date for which they want time off requests to be blocked.

Once the note window has opened, simply check the “Don’t Allow Time Off” checkbox.

block leave request gif

If you want to leave an explanation for why leaves have been blocked for this day, click the “New Note” button, enter a message and click “Save Note.”

To make sure your employees can see the note in their schedules as well, click on the “Publish Note” icon.

create shift note gif

What Employees See When Requesting Time Off on Blocked Days

If one of your employees attempts to request time off on a date for which leave requests have been blocked, they will receive a message notifying them accordingly.

message when requesting leave for blocked date

If the employee wants to see why they are not allowed to request time off on this particular date, they can head over to their schedule and click on the note that the manager has left for them (if the manager has, in fact, done so) explaining why this date has been blocked for time off requests.

see shift note gif

If you have any questions about this new feature, don’t hesitate to contact our support team for help:

Happy Scheduling!