July 20, 2012

Blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises Rely On Seamless Coordination and Organization – Software Like Humanity’s Can Help!


Following the success of The Dark Knight, fans have anxiously awaited the release of The Dark Knight Rises. Since it premiered earlier this month, the sequel has received plenty of positive feedback. Making a successful movie comes down to organizing, scheduling and managing large groups of people over an extended period of time, such that operations work seamlessly and the process is resilient to unexpected changes. So how do they do it?

As we know, making highly anticipated movies like this, where high expectations are set by fans and excited followers, requires a lot of teamwork and coordination from every individual involved, including pre- and post- production activities. Between the cast and film crew and everyone that supports them, scheduling and management can be chaotic. Using a software solution, like Humanity’s, that enables management staff and producers to quickly create and coordinate schedules, easily share messages and gauge schedules at a glance helps to expedite and streamline backend work.

From the initial story idea, to the scriptwriting, casting, shooting, edition, screening and everything in between… it all needs to come together seamlessly, at the right time. Furthermore, each of these processes involves a multitude of people doing an array of jobs and tasks. Communicating and delegating tasks, sharing availability and resolving unexpected absences or changes needs to be a harmonious process. It comes down to the little things, like being able to customize and adapt the way scheduling and employee management is done. For example, using custom fieldswithin an employee’s profile is particularly useful in making large movies like The Dark Knight Rises where there are many employees to keep track of.

Working together as a unified team between several locations, over an extended period of time is crucial to the success of the movie. Staying organized from the start and setting the tone for the upcoming months is vital. Researching and predicting timelines and conveying expectations to staff members allows for production activities to run in a more timely manner. A solution like the integrated scheduling, time clocking, payroll and human resources application Humanity offers, is the answer!

Happy Scheduling!