April 30, 2012

Check Out Humanity’s Break Options For Staff Scheduling Plus Position Report

Here at Humanity, we are always looking for ways to improve and update our workforce management and staff scheduling software. We have introduced a new way to view your employee work information – by position. In addition, we have updated the break rules for your convenience and flexibility.

Break Rules 
Humanity’s integrated break scheduling tool enables managers to schedule smarter by automatically setting the exact work hours and break times for each employee position and each schedule. Humanity allows for custom rules to be set for breaks on shifts. These rules can be set differently for each individual schedule and with different time parameters. Once break times are set up, they are automatically applied to yours work time reports and timesheets allowing data to be accurately used in payroll processing.

One of the requests that we’ve received around break rules was the 6.5 hours option.  This is  useful, for example, in the state of California we’re a break is required for a 6.5 hour shift.  We have made the 6.5 option available for both minimum and maximum shift times.

Break rules work by asking for: 
– Minimum shift time 
– Maximum shift time 
– Break amount 
– Whether the break is paid or not.

First go to the ‘Admin’ tab and click on ‘Locations & Positions’ located under the ‘Account’ heading.

Now, find the location you want to manage break times for and click on ‘Manage Positions’ on the right of the location.

Click on ‘Create Break Rules’ to create break rules, or click on ‘Manage Break Rules’ to edit existing break rules for that given location.

A pop-up window will appear, like the one below. Here, you have the ability to set a minimum shift time, a maximum shift time, break length and whether the break is paid or not.

By clicking on the drop down menus, you can select from our array of options. The above example means that for shifts of 8 or more hours employees are given:span class=”Apple-converted-space”>
– 15 mins break time paid 
– 1 hour break time non-paid 
Not-paid breaks will be automatically deducted from the total number of hours an employee works.

With our break time handling, you will ensure that your business complies with state and federal employment regulations. Our robust break time rules and feature will automatically calculate accurate reporting and payroll, which will make our lives easier and more efficient.

Please watch our video below to learn more about break times:


Position Summary In Reports 
We understand the importance of generating comprehensive reports at a moment’s notice, with tools to create reports with the data that you really need. We have introduced a new way to view employee work hours and reports. With our new ‘Position Summary’ report, you can view the number of hours scheduled by position and grouped by location.

To access the position summary, go to ‘Reports’ and click on ‘Position Summary’ listed under the ‘Schedule’ heading.

Select your desired timeline to view specific employee information and the data can be further filtered by locations and positions. Print and export options are also available in this ‘Position Summary’ feature. Our intuitive report features deliver the business data that you need, in the format that you prefer, so you can easily make everyday decisions for your business.

Note: This report will calculate hours for empty shifts.

We hope these updates will streamline your staff management and improve the scheduling process for your business.

Happy Scheduling!