October 7, 2013

How Humanity Helped the Children’s Museum Of The Arts Conquer Its Scheduling Pain Points


The Children’s Museum of the Arts, founded in 1988, is a hands-on art-making space for children. The museum is a non-profit organization with one location in Manhattan, New York. The museum has 17 full-time employees and a number of part-time employees who work as Teaching Artists to run the museum’s workshops and programs. The mission of the Children’s Museum of the Arts is to extend the benefits of the arts to all children and their communities and to secure the future of the arts by inspiring and championing the next generation of artists and art lovers.  They work to fulfill our mission by providing authentic hands-on art experiences for children with artists, both in our art-filled interactive museum, in the community, and by collecting and exhibiting children’s art. We are committed to celebrating the artist in every child and promoting access to the arts for all children regardless of ability or socioeconomic status because we believe the arts are critical to child and youth development and to strong and vibrant communities.

Before switching to Humanity the museum used to do all scheduling related activities with spreadsheet software. As the museum runs with multiple departments and their employees have multiple positions so it was hard to keep track of who is scheduled for which position in which department and also it was important to ensure that employees are not scheduled for overlapping shifts. It was not only hard to keep track of all these things with spreadsheet software but also inefficient and time-consuming. The museum needed an intelligent employee schedule maker which is easy to use and can keep track of all the scheduling activities. So after searching on the internet it was not hard for the museum to find Humanity as it being the leading employee schedule maker in the market.

Now after opting to Humanity, it has become easy for the management as well as employees to create, assign and track all scheduling related activities from a centralized online system. With Humanity’s inbuilt multiple location-position features it’s easy for the museum to manage employees with multiple positions working with multiple departments. As employees can have their individual profiles within the system it’s also easy for them to see and update their schedules. Humanity’s schedule maker is integrated with a time clock system so all the employees can clock in/out from the same system and the managers can easily monitor all the activity. The managers can approve, change employee shifts and clock in/out timings in real-time.

When asked about the favorite thing about Humanity, Anna DuBose, Administrative Assistant at the museum said,

The ability to approve time clocks as soon as the shift has been completed. It saves    managers a great deal of time and it is much easier to keep track of employee’s hours and which shift they worked on a particular day

All in all the museum now successfully tackles all the issues related to scheduling employees with multiple positions, their clock in/out timings with Humanity’s employee schedule maker.