July 6, 2012

Communicate Efficiently & Effectively About Irregular Changes to Employees’ Future Availability


Humanity allows you to set your availability for specific dates in the future that may be different from your regular weekly availability. Our ‘Future Availability’ settings and information will override your weekly availability on that particular date. This is particularly useful for managers as the process is automated and you can still create conflict-free schedules.

To set an employee’s future availability, first, click on their profile under the ‘Staff’ tab. When you click on ‘Future Availability’, you can set these parameters. And if you have the ‘Availability Approval’ feature enabled, then all changes must be approved by you, as a manager.


To turn on the ‘Availability Approval’ feature, go to the ‘Admin’ tab and click on ‘Account Settings’. Under the subheading ‘Vacation/Availability Settings’, mark the checkbox next to ‘Availability must be approved by management’.

Once staff has added a date and time then it will appear on their list of availabilities, where they can still edit and/or delete the availability. Green colored boxes indicate availability while pink colored boxes indicate unavailability. Click the ‘Edit’ icon to edit availability, or the ‘Delete’ icon to remove availability.

Once an employee adds a future availability request, you, as a manager, will see the request on your Dashboard and under the ‘Requests’ tab. Under ‘Future Availability’ a list of availability requests will appear.


Any updated time slots will be noted by diagonal lines.


Once approved, it will appear to staff as ‘Approved’.

The Humanity team hopes that you find this feature useful and that it helps to expedite and streamline your scheduling process.