January 14, 2013

Convenient and Efficient Shift Trading Processed On Our Mobile Scheduling App

Remember fumbling through seemingly endless email threads and constantly being on your phone in an attempt to hunt down any coworker who was available to trade a shift with you? It was not the easiest nor convenient way to do so. With Humanity, there is a shift trading option built in the scheduling feature of the mobile scheduling app. Employees are able to select which shifts they want to trade and it will be visible to coworkers who are available to pick up that particular shift, according to their availability times. Now, to simplify that process even more, managers and employees are able to manage, view, and pick up shift trades through our mobile scheduling app on their smartphone or tablet.

Under the ‘Requests’ tab and the ‘Shift Trades’ section, you can review and manage all shift trade requests, including shifts available to pick-up, shifts available to swap, and shifts you’re offering to trade.

Manage Shift Trades
Any shift trades that require managerial approval will appear under the highlighted shift trade icon. Tap the arrow to the right of a shift for more details.

Once you view more details about a shift trade, you can: (1) approve or reject a shift trade by tapping the thumbs up or thumbs down icon, (2) remove the shift request by tapping the red ‘X’ icon, and (3) view ‘Potential Acceptors’ of that shift.

Shifts Available to Pick Up
Once you approve the shift trade request, it will appear here for any available staff member to view and pick up.

Shifts Available to Swap
If there are shifts that are available to swap, it will be listed here. If more than one shift is available, then you will need to select a shift to swap. For shifts to show as a swap, both the first shift and the shift to potentially swap with must be released and approved.

Tap on the arrow to the right of a shift that is available to swap for more details. There is a thumbs up and a thumbs down icon to accept or reject the shift swap.

Shifts I’m Trading
If you have any pending trade requests that are awaiting approval, it will appear here. Staff will be able to view their pending shift trade requests here. Tap the arrow to the right of the shift for more details.

With this shift trading feature on our mobile scheduling app, managers and employees alike are able to experience a cleaner and more efficient way to manage shift trades in their schedules without having an endless thread of emails.

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