December 15, 2022

Coverage Alert

Coverage Alert

The blue Coverage Alert envelopes throughout the system help you fill open shifts by sending out text messages and emails to all eligible members. In addition, members who have time off or are already working can be selected to receive the alert, and  you can see a sample of the text/email message that is being sent to members and add a note if needed.

As shown in the image below, there are just a few steps to sending an alert:

  1. Select Open Shifts – checkmark the schedules and positions which need to be filled.
  2. Select Recipients – choose who will receive the alert.
  3. Notification Preferences – select either Simultaneous email (to everyone at once) or Staggered email (to one person at a time). You may also add a note to the message. Click Send.

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If you have any questions on these features or any other topic, please contact Customer Support at, give us a call at 888.749.5550 or send us an online Chat from the Help section. Thank you for using TCP’s Aladtec Scheduling!