February 10, 2020

Platform Update: Announcing Custom Break Rules


Last year, we introduced Location-Based Break Rules to relieve our customers of having to constantly check if their schedules are in line with labor laws and regulations at a federal, state, and local level. We initially introduced six meal and rest break rules that cover the most common business requirements.

Now, if your organization has a one-of-a-kind breaks policy, Humanity has got you covered. To complement the predefined break rules that you can find within the app, we added the option of creating tailor-made break rules.

What makes Custom Break Rules a complete customizable feature for the enterprise?

With Custom Break Rules, organizations can specify the requirements for shift breaks. The feature allows you to go granular and set the break type, duration, start time, and more.

Additionally, you can define multiple sets of conditions within the same rule. This way, the same rule will generate breaks with different requirements—for example, a 30-minute unpaid break and a 10-minute paid break throughout an 8-hour shift.

Humanity's Custom Break Rules

You no longer have to double-check if you set up the mandatory meal and rest breaks properly—Humanity does the heavy lifting for you. Both predefined and custom break rules enable schedule administrators to:

  • Automatically incorporate breaks into the shift schedule—each time a manager creates a new shift, breaks are incorporated automatically
  • Send break reminders—making sure employees take their breaks regularly is half the battle: remind them with timely SMS, email, and in-app notifications
  • Edit breaks within the schedule—enabling the break rule will add appropriate breaks to shifts, but you still have the option to manually edit the breaks within the schedule as necessary
  • Review all scheduled breaks—breaks are visible in the daily timeline within the Employee View
  • Manage shift break locations—break rules can be applied to individual locations, as an addition to the Primary Location

Creating conflict-free schedules remains one of Humanity’s top priorities. With Custom Break Rules, managers will be notified with a conflict alert for breaks in the following cases:

  • When breaks are not compliant with the break rule (for example, if they are manually edited in a way that’s not in line with the set rule)
  • When a break rule has been applied to shifts that have already been created without breaks; in this case, resolving the conflicts will automatically generate missing breaks

Try Custom Break Rules on your Humanity account today

To do a test run of the Custom Break Rules, you need to have Location-Based Break Rules enabled on your account. Follow these detailed instructions to set up your rules. And be sure to share your experience with us via