March 22, 2012

Customize Our Online Time Clock Software to Improve Employee Clocking Behavior


Accurate time clocking and employee timeliness are important factors to a successful and smooth-running business. A key way to better clock behavior and employee attendence is to provide an incentive for timeliness by penalizing your employees for arriving late or leaving early. Automatically rounding clock in/out times to shorten an employee’s paid hours will improve your staff clock behavior as employees will gain no benefit from trying to ‘ride the clock’ to jump them up over the next time increment. Penalizing employees for their lack of timeliness will encourage more attentiveness and promptness, building a healthy work environment and boosting your business productivity.

Humanity’s online time clock software accurately tracks and calculates employee work hours giving you peace of mind. We give you complete control to customize clock time rounding rules, lock clocking in/out to certain locations, only enable clock in/out within a certain number of minutes of shift start/end time and more. Humanity’s workforce management software has two settings are applied within the online time clock software at the time of employee clock in / out. These two settings round the clock in and clock out times up or down, respectively, to the nearest desired increment of time (e.g. 5mins, 10mins, etc.).

For example, if an employee is meant to start their shift at 9am and you have the clock in set to round up to the nearest 15 minutes, and they arrive late to their shift (say 9:03am), their clock in time will automatically be rounded up to 9:15am. Thus, they have essentially lost a quarter of an hour from their pay and their ‘late’ presence is clearly noted in your Time Sheet attendance report. If these settings are enabled we will communicate to staff at clock in/out time what their ‘actual’ clock-time will be on their timesheet based on the current time and rounding rule set by management.

To see the ‘Round Clock Times’ settings, go to the ‘Admin’ tab and click ‘Account Settings’ on the left hand side. Scroll down to ‘Time Clock Settings’ where you will see the following list:

Here, you can customize your time clock options and settings. For example, if you have staff that frequently come late or leave early, you can now adjust the round clock in and clock out times to deflect this.

From an employee’s perspective, we have tried to make this communication as clear as possible within our online time clock software. When staff clock in and out of their shifts, we provide full visibility of what is going on. We let them know that management has set clock in and out times to round up or down, respectively. The new rounded clock in or clock out time will also be visible. For example, below the employee clocked out at 11:53 and this clock out time was rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes, thus clock out will now report as 11:45.

As a manager, it is important to monitor employee attendance and Humanity’s integrated online time clock software gives you greater control over your customizable time clock settings. Provide incentives for your employees with restricted clocking settings and improve your employees’ attendance and work ethic.

Watch the video below to learn more about rounding clock in and clock out times. 

Happy Scheduling!