January 13, 2020

Digital Forms Help St. Andrews Fire Keep Timely Personnel Records

Digital Forms Help St. Andrews Fire Keep Timely Personnel Records

29573051 10155619176398315 8231567574987071333 nCHARLESTON, SC — The 75-member St. Andrews Fire Dept. has been an Aladtec subscriber for about eight years. Deputy Chief of Operations Brian LeGette and other command staff have created 50 different forms that staffers have filed nearly 17,000 times.

Within the mix are a variety of personnel-related documents such as a Coaching and Counseling form, a Transfer Request form, and a Career Progress form that benchmarks an employee’s promotions and training achievements.

Previous to Aladtec, LeGette said performance documentation was “almost exclusively done on paper with handwritten notations.  Occasionally, they went by way of email, but mostly through interoffice mail — in other words, by hand. The common issue was locating a file that either got lost or was misplaced within the filing system.”

The ease of finding completed forms is an improvement over shuffling and filing paper. “Making things more easily searchable and creating reminders to perform better follow-up, where things would often get lost or forgotten with time,” said LeGette. “I think an effective follow-up program has been one of our better successes as that was one of our self-identified weaknesses.”

“The e-forms allows for the appropriate individuals also to track the progression of tasks and not wait for one to fully complete their portion before handing it off to the next person,” LeGette said. Aladtec’s flexibility in a Top-Level Administrator’s ability to grant precise access permissions assures confidentiality with sensitive and subjective personnel assessments.

“The ability to utilize the permission settings proved invaluable with our notification processes.  Collectively, this makes for a much more efficient process throughout the department,” said LeGette.