April 16, 2010

Don’t know your employees e-mail addresses? No problem: All we need is their name!


Up until now, we have required an e-mail address for every employee account that you created. This makes account activation/communication simple as we can communicate directly with your employees on your behalf to bring them to Humanity.

Several users reported that this was a limiting requirement as depending on the business type if you don’t already have this information it can be tedious to gather it.

Starting today, emails are no longer required; only employee’s names!

Let’s take a look at how this works:

Here is an example of a .csv file I quickly imported that contains just the first and last names of employees:

Now that the employees have been added (without e-mail addresses) I need a way to communicate their account information to them. Humanity provides easy print-off instructions for each employee. This is found by clicking on their name:

These print-off’s contain a unique username/password as well as sign-in instructions for each employee, to make getting them onto Humanity easy.

That’s it!

Continue to use e-mail addresses wherever possible; this not only increases the speed of the activation/communication process, it’s also easier on the environment!