December 3, 2012

Easily Manage Your Multiple Location and Multiple Position Business with Humanity

There are many businesses that have multiple locations and positions that are involved to successfully function. Some examples of these businesses are retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. In Humanity, individual work schedules are labeled by ‘Positions’ that are grouped by ‘Locations’. However, depending on the nature of your business, there may be:

– Schedules, such as Night and Day
– ‘Positions’, such as Cook and Cashier
– Jobs, such as McDonald’s 1 and McDonald’s 2
– Events, such as a Board Meeting
– Holidays, such as Christmas
– Addresses, such as McDonald’s 1st Street and McDonald’s White Ln (i.e., if you only have one job type in your business)
– Or anything else you need them to be

To assign positions and locations, go under the tab ‘Admin’ -> ‘Locations & Positions’:

At the top, you can add new ‘Locations’ by naming the location and providing the address, then clicking ‘Save’. Using the provided Google map, you can also zoom in and drag the pin to set a location. Below, you can see the list of current ‘Locations’.

In each ‘Location’, there are ‘Positions’ under that ‘Location’. To see them, click ‘Manage Positions’ on the right.

Here, you can manage your current ‘Positions’ in this ‘Location’ by:

– Turning the notifications on or off
– Creating ‘Break Rules’ or deactivate the position by clicking the ‘X’ to the right
– Editing the ‘Position’ name by clicking on the name
– Adding a new ‘Position’ by clicking ‘Add New Position’

Once you are done with managing the ‘Positions’ in this ‘Location’, just click ‘Finished’ to see the other ‘Locations’ again.

The ‘Visible’ checkbox dictates whether or not the ‘Position’ is visible to assign to a shift. If unchecked, this means it will not appear in the ‘Shift Edit’ window when you select this ‘Position’ from the list. To see the ‘Assign Position’ area in the ‘Shift Edit’ window, remember to click the red ‘Position’ name at the top left.

Humanity’s workforce scheduling solution gives schedulers the option to color-code the ‘Positions’ to easily visualize where different shifts are organized. While Humanity assigns different colors to each ‘Position’ by default, managers are given the flexibility to choose their own color assignments. To do so, just click on the color of the shift and the ‘Color Selection’ window will appear.

Click ‘Finished’ and it will take you back to the ‘Location and Positions’ page.

Here, you can also click ‘Move Positions’ where you can click and drag ‘Positions’ as needed. There is also the option to restore ‘Deleted Positions’. Once restored, any shifts that were associated with that ‘Position’ will also return to the schedule. Once you are finished, click ‘Finished’.

The ‘Expand Locations’ will show all ‘Positions’ under all ‘Locations’.

To learn more about the ‘Positions and Locations’ function, here is Humanity’s video tutorial for Positions and Locations: