July 5, 2012

Editing Shifts With Ease to Adapt Your Staff Schedule to Your Business Needs


Humanity offers an intuitive online schedule maker and work schedule software that is here to help make your lives easier and save you time. Our centralized application means that both you and your employees have 24/7 access to the most up to date information. Part of our goal is to give you and your business the versatility and adaptability that you need in a scheduler. Creating and editing shifts is easy, efficient and intuitive!

To edit existing shifts, go to the ‘Schedule’ tab and view your schedule in the week view. In this week mode, you can quickly drag the shift to another location on the schedule (date, location, etc.). Alternatively, you can copy it by holding down the ‘c’ key while dragging the shift.

In order to edit any of the shift details or to add employees to any given shift, first click on the desired shift to bring up a popup window where you can manage all shift properties.

Here you can designate a shift to a specific site, change the date and/or time of the shift and add notes to the shift. Under ‘Who’s Working’, you can assign staff to that shift or use the ‘Auto-fill Shift’ option which will randomly assign available employees to the shift. Beside each employee’s name, you can see the number of hours they are already scheduled for this week in the brackets. For example, in the above shift window, Henry Benito is scheduled to work 84 hours this week.

You can set the shift(s) to be open shifts so that your employees can volunteer for shifts on their own until the shift is filled with an adequate number of employees (preset by management staff). Additionally, you can set the shifts to repeat, thus creating recurring shifts. You can choose from one of our repetition cycles (e.g. weekly, Mon-Fri) or create customized cycles (e.g. ‘n’ on and ‘n’ off, or completely customized). Choose an end date for the recurring shifts, up to three years into the future. And finally, select whether you want the shifts to repeat with or without the associated employees.

We hope you find the ability to make quick and easy edits to your existing shifts both useful and time-saving. Republish your new schedule and all involved employees will be notified immediately. To learn more, check out our video below on how to edit shifts.