December 19, 2012

Effective Communication in the Workplace for Enterprises with New Notice Messages Feature


For larger businesses with the desire to have independent entities for each department, Humanity offers a multi-account platform. Different from the multi-location feature available with each single Humanity account, multi-account platforms allow for corporate heads to have access to all accounts while only allowing department heads or store managers access to their own department or store. In an effort to improve communication in the workplace, a ‘Notice’ message feature is now available.

In the ‘Admin’ tab, found under ‘Group Accounts’ is a ‘Communication’ section.

There will be a list of all notices created and a link to ‘Create New Notice’.

Notices can be sent to all accounts and individuals can be selected for viewing permissions. There are options for when the notice will start and end. If no start time is selected, today’s date will be used. If no end time is specified, the notice will run forever. Each notice can be deleted and edited at any time.

Once a notice is sent, it will be visible on the ‘Dashboard’ tab, under the ‘Notices’ section. The name of the sender will be visible with the notice message if the ‘Let users know who sent the message’ is checked off.

Only managers can view the ‘Communication’ section. This is a form of communication that is available for all staff across all accounts for viewing through the ‘Notices’ section of the ‘Dashboard’. Managers can also select groups, sorted by ‘Employee’, ‘Supervisor’, ‘Scheduler’, and ‘Manager’. The sent notice message will be visible to all staff in the selected permission level in the main and sub-accounts.

We hope this will help your business to improve communication in the workplace. If there are ever any features that you hope to see with Humanity, please let us know on our Road Map. Our main focus is you and we want to make sure you have everything you need with our application.

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