December 10, 2012

Employee Scheduling Is Now Easier with Monthly Staff Availability Feature


Knowing when staff members are available to work is essential to successfully planning a schedule that keeps employees happy and your business well-managed. To make it easier to view staff availability in our workforce management software, we recently released a new ‘Monthly Staff Availability’ feature.

Now, you can view each individual staff member’s ‘Monthly Staff Availability’ simply by clicking the ‘Schedule’ tab, checking the box next to ‘Staff Availability’ and selecting a staff member’s name.

Not only will there will be in-line text marked ‘Available’ or ‘Unavailable’ for each day in the monthly schedule view, the staff member’s vacation status will also be included with ‘On vacation from’ and ‘On vacation till’ time frames.

Clicking on the text in a date will bring up the ‘Availability’ window, where you are allowed to ‘Edit availability for…’ the hours for that day. With this, you can easily edit monthly staff availability times.

We hope this makes it more efficient and convenient for staff members to change their monthly availability times as well as allow managers to easily create monthly schedules without the need to change to a different window.

Happy Scheduling!