March 31, 2020

Essential Services Rely on Scheduling Software Amid Covid-19


If we’ve learned anything from the outbreak of the coronavirus, it’s that life can change drastically in a short period of time. As the government tries to moderate the spread of the virus, many industries, such as travel, restaurants and retail were crippled. Other industries, including  healthcare and public safety have been subjected to a sudden and massive surge in demand for services. Most essential service organizations have policies and procedures in place for the mitigation of and response to emergency events, but how can an operation rapidly fulfill excessive manpower requirements while simultaneously managing the pandemic?

Many healthcare facilities and public safety departments have discovered that employee scheduling software does much more than help manage employees’ schedules and can be an extremely effective communication tool. Staff scheduling software that allow managers to immediately communicate with employees gives them a head start on meeting the demand for additional manpower. Systems that send notifications through multiple channels of communication, such as both text messages and emails provide added insurance that everyone will receive schedule updates and information. Software that can be accessed via a mobile app gives managers and employees even greater accessibility to real-time schedules.

It’s also imperative that essential services have the most qualified individuals positioned to most effectively manage each situation. For example, a nurse manager might need to find a nurse trained in critical care to cover an ICU shift, or a police chief wants to send an officer who speaks Spanish in response to a call. Staff scheduling software that tracks employee attributes, such as skills, certifications, and training would allow them to quickly identify the employees with these qualifications who are available to work when and where they are needed.

Law enforcement and healthcare administrators are facing unprecedented challenges associated with COVID-19. Learn how ScheduleAnywhere streamlines scheduling and improves communication to help them manage through this unprecedented time.

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