January 13, 2020

Even Your Software Needs a Tune-Up

High performance Aladtec system optimization

High performance Aladtec system optimization

Just like our vehicles, our software systems can always use a tune-up now and again. To ensure your Aladtec system is working at top speed, we encourage customers to take advantage of a free system optimization every year. This assures you are getting the most “bang for your buck” and utilizing your Aladtec system to its fullest capability based on your agency’s specific needs.

For example, did you know:

  • Aladtec can accrue vacation and sick hours with accrual profiles
  • Setup access can be granted to non-Top Level Administrators
  • Notifications can be set in each form for a member to receive notice when a form has been submitted or when an individual field(s) has been answered
  • Non-filled shifts can be viewed from the Calendar view
  • Member Database field choices include expired date fields as well as attachments

Please give us a call at 888.749.5550 or send us an email to, to set up a time for us to review your system. We will offer suggestions on how you can possibly save even more time!