July 9, 2012

Exciting New Features Added To the Training Tab and Monthly Staff Schedule View


The Humanity team is always looking for ways to improve our workforce management and staff scheduling application. We love adding new, useful features as well as refining our current features and modules to make them even more robust, versatile and adaptable. Among the other new features we have released this month, we’re excited about added features to our ‘Training’ tab and monthly schedule view!

Training PDF 

As part of our efforts to make our integrated workforce management and staff scheduling software as robust and widely accessible as possible, we are building a human resources related module. The ‘Training’ tab is the first feature we offer as a hands-on way for employees to get onboard or refreshed with company policies and procedures. Online training can save managers both time and money and has become significantly more popular as businesses more other HR duties to the cloud.

We have added a new feature to our ‘Training’ tab that enables staff to download training topics as PDF files. This may be useful if they want to refer to the training topics while they are offline or print them to read as a hardcopy.

As a manager, you can turn this feature on or off by going to the ‘Admin’ tab and clicking ‘Account Settings’ on the left. Scroll down to ‘Staff Settings’ and you will see ‘Employee can download training topic as PDF file’. Check or uncheck the box to turn this feature on or off, respectively.

To download any training topic, click on the topic and the ‘Download PDF’ link in the top right corner.

Then, just save the file and open.

Week Number Adjust 

We give all of our users the ability to view our staff scheduler in several ways – by employee or position, in visual mode or list mode, as well as by day, week or month.

Some businesses use week numbers in accounting, reporting, and forecasting and our week numbers are auto-generated based on date standards. If you use your own format and our weeks do not automatically align, you can adjust them forwards or backward up to three weeks. To adapt your schedule, we give you the ability to adjust the week number found on the schedule in the ‘Month’ view.

To do this, go to the ‘Admin’ tab and click on ‘Account Settings’ on the left-hand side. Under the subheading ‘Local’, you will see ‘Week Number Adjust’ and an associated dropdown menu.

From the resulting list, choose whether you want to move the week numbers one, two or three weeks forwards or backward.

We hope that our new ‘Training’ section and ‘Download PDF’ feature helps to expedite, streamline and monitor employee training processes. Similarly, we hope that the ability to adjust the week numbers in the schedule calendar makes it easier to keep track of schedules!