November 28, 2022

Form Field Highlights

Form Field Highlights

Whether you use forms in Aladtec on a regular basis or just on occasion, there are many features within the Form Configurator that might get overlooked. Here are a few highlights worth noting.

Smart Fields & Smart Layout

What makes these two fields Smart? They populate data from the system into the fields automatically. If you find yourself needing to select a member or a schedule within your form, adding Members and Schedules will save you time. You can quickly choose fields from a drop-down list.

Smart Fields

The Smart Layout Pay Period Time Records will automatically bring in your scheduled time or, if using, time clock hours, into your form. Many customers use this for their timesheet. If you’re using the Time Clock feature, then Shift Log is an option for you. This allows a member to log in their duties or tasks on a shift.

Smart Layout


Would adding an image to a form make your process easier and more efficient? With the Attachment field, you can upload up to 20 images in one field alone. And you can add several attachment fields to one form. This is a great option for attaching pictures of vehicle damages, invoices, or receipts.

Attachment 2

Signature Box

Do you have processes that require a signature? Use the Signature Box field and the member submitting the form can sign their name with their finger or mouse. Or maybe you need your manager to sign off on a form. Once the form is submitted, the manager can be notified and modify the form to sign for approval.

Signature Box2

Reports from Forms

Don’t forget that all of those submitted forms can easily be filtered by field to generate a report. Quickly run reports on your drug inventory or vehicle inspection forms to see the exact data that will help you streamline your processes.

Form Report2


If you have any questions on these features or any other topic, please contact Customer Support at, give us a call at 888.749.5550 or send us an online Chat from the Help section. Thank you for using TCP’s Aladtec Scheduling!