January 5, 2021

Frustration-Free Payroll Integration

Workforce management has many moving parts that keep organizations running smoothly. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that employees don’t often think about as they go about their day-to-day tasks. However, it is guaranteed employees will notice any disruption or discrepancies in their paycheck. HR Dive reports that nearly 55% of members of the U.S. workforce are impacted by payroll problems. Moreover, after experiencing just two payroll issues, almost half of all workers will look for a new job. Those errors can also result in inaccurate bookkeeping and lost time for the payroll staff who need to correct the mistake. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy thing that organizations of all sizes can do to minimize those errors from occurring in the first place and maximize speed: integrating your time and attendance software with your existing payroll solutions.

While it may sound straightforward, many companies aren’t eager to sign up for a change management initiative – even if that change will improve how the business functions and saves money. The common concerns and challenges that we at TCP Software hear during initial discussions around integration include:

  • Long integration time and slow implementation speed
  • Data collection obstacles
  • Lack of customization and adaptability
  • Lost time and productivity caused by disruption

While it may sound daunting, the benefits that payroll software integrations bring to your business create can’t be ignored—and after 30+ years of managing this process for thousands of customers, we have has seen it all.

Working with TCP, we eliminate concerns around software integration by creating specially configured modules that work hand-in hand with TimeClock Plus and any major payroll system. Our solutions also increase operational efficiencies by integrating with existing tools that both meet the time keeping and payroll system challenges of today and positions customers to grow to meet the needs of tomorrow. Below are some ways TCP Software’s experts help simplify the payroll automation process in a reliable, accurate manner.


Customer Service and Speed to Integrate

As soon as a business hears the word “integration,” they think, “major time and resources commitment.” TCP’s integration process creates a working, efficient system that delivers ROI from the start in a matter of weeks—compared to the months of ramp up our competitors require.

The secret is our Professional Services and Implementation teams. From the moment we start gathering information about your requirements, TCP’s Professional Services team will collaborate with you through development and implementation to ensure that the payroll system integration does what you need, in a way that makes sense for your business goals. Post-implementation, our Support Services team is available to assist with adjustments that may be needed in the future.

Compatible and Customizable

Payroll management no longer needs to be complicated. If you have a payroll provider, we’ve probably worked with them before. Our TimeClock Plus software integrates with 500+ payroll modules, giving our customers the benefit of a pre-configured module already built to fit all payroll providers’ needs. Adaptable configurations allow adjustments to be made as needed, with configuration options readily available for job codes and other functions. Payroll integration reduces payroll to a few simple clicks, while removing the need for manual input of time clock data into payroll software.

Data Collection Formatting

Payroll integration projects often come with data reconciliation headaches. If a new system is to pick up where the old one left off, the data must be in the right “language” for the new system to interpret.

This is not a challenge with TimeClock Plus. Regardless of the data format, TimeClock Plus creates custom payroll integrators that are uniquely configured. The system supports both customized platform adapters and flat-file data exports that integrate while maintaining all data attributes. All data imports go through rigorous testing prior to production, providing an added level of reassurance.

Ease of Access and Pre-Payroll Processes

Payroll does not need to be complicated. With hundreds of pre-configured payroll modules, you can be up and running quickly. TimeClock Plus reduces payroll to a few simple clicks, while removing the need for manual input of time clock data into your payroll software.

Our pre-payroll processes also save you time by locating unapproved anomalies before payroll is generated, with pre-made filters to find unapproved hours and exceptions. Our software ensures that once the pay period is closed and locked, the data is accurate and secure and any discrepancies that need to be addressed have been identified.

With payroll automation available through TimeClock Plus’ simple integration, the benefits to companies are hard to ignore. In addition to saving time, payroll automation improves accuracy, simplifies tax filing, elevates security and allow reports to be created quickly. With 157 million Americans on the payroll in 2019, according to the Pew Research Center, payroll automation is not something you can ignore. As your business grows and adapts, so must the process and methods supporting your business. TCP Software’s workforce suite simply integrates with your existing ERP/HCM system, in addition to integrating with your time keeping and payroll system to provide payroll automation. This reduces errors, eliminates redundant process to increase productivity and improves accuracy-all while helping you stay compliant.