October 20, 2020

Getting Back to Business Safely

The global pandemic brought on by COVID-19 has tested organizations in ways many never imagined. For most of us, getting back to the office does not mean business as usual, but preparing for a new normal. TCP has solutions that can help make your organization be new-normal ready.

Top 5 Employer Concerns

Workplace Safety: Getting back to the business means addressing safety concerns from multiple angles. Primarily, organizations want to do everything they can to mitigate health risks in the workplace. Additionally, employees want to know that their organization has tools and processes in place, including contact tracing, if someone in the organization gets sick. TCP offers an array of solutions that make this possible.

  1. Touchless & Web Time Clocks: From proximity readers to our WebClock software solution, users can avoid touching common surfaces when performing clock operations.
  2. Thermal Sensors: This time clock attachment uses RFID technology to track employee temperature data to stop health risks at the door.
  3. MobileClock App: TCP’s new app is highly configurable and delivers key workforce management tasks at your fingertips.

Managing a Remote Workforce: Many organizations have realized their workforce is just as efficient in a remote setting and plan to maintain a larger remote workforce. If your “new normal” doesn’t involve a formal office setting, TCP has solutions to help you manage your workforce from anywhere.

  1. IP/Location-Based Permissions: Ensure employees are working from the appropriate remote locations for both security and management purposes.
  2. Cloud-Based, Secure Software: Ensure your data is protected while still having flexibility with your deployment.
  3. Data Visibility: Increase visibility into employee work with in-depth, configurable codes to track precise tasks, projects and hours.

Preparing for Schedule Changes in the Event of Illness: Part of an organization’s back-to-business approach involves having processes in place to quickly and easily adjust schedules if someone gets sick. TCP has advanced scheduling capabilities that take the stress out of this challenge.

  1. Quick adjustments: TCP software makes it easy for employees to get their shifts covered and even allows managers to take care of this within the system.
  2. Integrated tools with automatic notifications: Shift change requests are automatically updated in schedules that are viewable by the team, and hours worked are tracked—no management adjustments needed.
  3. Comprehensive views: With a few taps, managers can view schedules and shift coverage and quickly identify problem areas.

Effective Communication: Immediate and effective communication with your organization is important for a host of reasons, but especially if someone in the organization tests positive for COVID-19. TCP solutions allow managers to send push notifications to mobile devices of individuals, groups or even the entire workforce.

Monitoring workforce productivity: Many businesses are returning to work with smaller budgets, which lead to increased scrutiny of productivity and costs. TCP’s in-depth reporting tools provide data and analytics that can help organizations avoid unnecessary or unexpected labor costs. Our reporting capabilities include:

  1. Categorized reports including subtotals, breakdowns and sorting for at-a-glance views of employee hours.
  2. Automated reports help managers monitor hours worked and employees approaching overtime with reports in your inbox as you need them.

TCP’s advanced workforce management system can help your organization back to the office sooner and mitigate risks. To find out how TCP can help YOU get back to business safely.

This post is Part 1 of our Back to Work blog series.