November 24, 2021

Giving Thanks — Six Ways to Show Employee Appreciation This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things that have enriched our lives throughout the year. For many of us, family is at the top of the list of things we are thankful for. But it’s not only the family we come home to each day that make life better. What about the people we see every day – our “work families.”

As a  business owner or manager, you rely on your dedicated team members to keep your operation running and productive. So, what can you do this Thanksgiving to let your employees know you appreciate the time and effort they put in? Here are six ways you can thank your employees and let them know you are grateful to have them as valued members of your work family.

1. Express gratitude in writing

Everyone likes to know they are appreciated. A hand-written, personalized note not only demonstrates to your employees that they are valued for their unique contribution to your operation, but also that they merit your individualized recognition. Consider asking department managers or supervisors to handwrite notes to their direct reports as well. The cards should highlight how each employee contributes to the betterment of the team.

2. Plan a potluck

Organizing a potluck might seem like a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Send out a mass email letting people know the date, place, and time; then set up an online sign-up sheet.  This makes it easy for employees to volunteer to bring main dishes, sides, or whatever else they want to contribute. You can keep it traditional, or establish a fun theme, such as ‘Family Favorites’, ‘Soup and Sandwiches’, or ‘Food from Around the World.’

3. Be accommodating

A smooth process for managing schedule requests means more employees get time off when they need it during the holidays. Employee scheduling software allows employees to submit time-off, cover, and swap requests, and you and your managers can immediately see whether the request conflicts with previously scheduled shifts. Employees appreciate the flexibility the software gives them, and you have peace of mind knowing every shift is covered.

4. Promote mental wellness

Your team’s mental health affects every aspect of their lives – both professionally and personally. To help them recharge before the busy holiday season, hire massage therapists or manicurists to provide mini sessions for employees. If you can’t accommodate this during work hours, book an off-site option, such as a yoga class, cooking lesson, or wine tasting for your team.

5. Provide schedule access

Work schedules are a top factor when it comes to planning for the holidays. Knowing when and where they are needed and expected at work helps employees plan ahead and prioritize their personal time. Employee scheduling software makes it easy to create schedules for any time frame and  copy schedule patterns and rotations to build schedules out into the future. ScheduleAnywhere’s staff scheduling app gives your entire team access to up-to-the-minute schedules. Employees can see upcoming shifts and plan personal time accordingly.

6. Give them the day off

Let’s face it – even when we love our jobs, it’s nice to have a day off. And when you know there’s a bounty of food and a gathering of friends and family awaiting – that day off is even more cherished. Show your employees the ultimate courtesy and give them Thanksgiving Day off to concentrate on the things and people they are most grateful for. And, if you’ve shown them the respect and gratitude they’ve earned, you can take comfort knowing you’ll also be included on that list.

Your team is the backbone of your operation, and they deserve to know you appreciate them and all their hard work this Thanksgiving and beyond.

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