April 22, 2015

How Going Green Can Help Your Small Business


Going green is obviously great for the environment, but it can be great for your business as well.

Here is a list of just some of the many positive effects that going green can have for your small business.

It Can Save You Money

There are tons of ways to save a lot of money by going green. In today’s world of PDFs and cloud storage, there really is no need to print and archive business information anymore. And if you do have to print something, it’s way cheaper and greener to start using eco-friendly recycled paper. The best option is to buy PCW (post-consumer waste) paper, which is made entirely of recycled paper. This will not only save you money, but it will also help to decrease waste by 50 percent.

Another way to go green and save money is by switching your lights and starting to use LED or CFL (compact-fluorescent lights). Sure, these types of lights are more expensive, but they end up saving you a lot of money in the long run by lasting much longer and using less energy than standard bulbs. According to statistics, you will save $200 dollars for each regular bulb you replace with an LED or CFL light.

You’ll Get Tax Advantages

Many states in America are trying to encourage green processes by offering tax credit and exemptions for companies that implement them. For example, companies in Florida that use solar energy and have machinery that runs on other renewable energy technologies can get sales tax exemptions when purchasing this type of equipment.

If your company uses hybrids as company cars, the IRS allows your company to take an alternative motor vehicle credit on federal taxes. Your company can take a tax credit of up to 30 percent on a federal level as well if you are planning on using wind or solar energy to run your business. More and more states are doing these types of things, and nationwide tax measures to encourage eco-friendly business behavior are certainly on the horizon.

Your Community Will Respond Positively

Getting good press might not be the top reason for going green, but it’s certainly can’t hurt. It has been shown that communities and consumers gravitate towards businesses that care about the environment, and many big corporations that have gone green have reaped the rewards of not only good press, but increased profits as well.

Going green shows your community and consumer base that you care.You care about the environment and the people in your community. By going green, you are shutting the door on the image of a corporation that only cares about money and is willing to sacrifice everything to make a profit. It shows that you truly care about the world that you are doing business in.

You’ll Reduce Waste

Better efficiency is one of the best results that comes from going green. When you are reducing the amount of waste you produce, you are also cutting costs. So reducing waste is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your bank account as well. The less paper you use, the less energy you waste, the less ink cartridges you buy, the more you are saving – plain and simple.

Another great idea for reducing waste and decreasing costs is going hybrid when it comes to company vehicles. You will be cutting harmful emissions, qualifying yourself for tax cuts, and saving a lot on fuel in the process.

Employee Health Could Benefit

Going green shows that you care about your employees and their good health. Many green processes can have a direct effect on the health of your employees. For example, by switching to biodegradable cleaning products, you will be reducing the toxins and chemicals that your employees are breathing in.

This is important for all employees, but it can be especially important for people who have respiratory health issues. There is also a myth that green cleaning products cost a lot more. It’s not at all true. In fact, most greening products are now sold in bulk and will fit into your budget just the same as the more harmful products did. It might even end up being cheaper in the long run.


Of course, when all is said and done, the biggest reason to go green is to help preserve the environment. When your company is committed to implementing sustainable methods in the office, you are doing your part to make sure that you are minimizing the waste of natural resources.

Happy Earth Day!