May 11, 2022

Let Employees Manage Their Own Schedules…Here’s How


We’re well into 2022 and the United States is still experiencing extreme labor shortages. The majority of open jobs are still in the retail and hospitality industries. Employees fled the industry throughout the pandemic, mainly because they felt unsafe and unappreciated. Now that much of the Covid-related fear has subsided, filling these open roles is all about showing employees they are cared for and appreciated. One way to do that is by empowering your staff to manage their own schedules.

These days, people are used to managing everything from what they eat to what they wear and where they go, all from the palm of their hand. Your employees are used to using apps to schedule their appointments and personal lives. Now, they can use an app to manage their own work schedule. It’s part of TCP’s Humanity solution, and it’s your ticket to empowering your employees to manage their work schedules. Here are a few features that make that happen:

1. Flex Scheduling

Typically, employees will ask coworkers to trade shifts when a schedule conflict pops up. It’s a bumpy process where employees have to find each other’s phone numbers to ask, then get the shift change approved by the manager. These swaps are sometimes forgotten by one party or another resulting in conflict.

Flex scheduling fills the need for shift changes while eliminating the need for employees and managers to scramble through extra hoops. Here’s how it works: managers post open shifts, release extra shifts for pickup, and send out a post when a quick replacement is necessary. Because Humanity scheduling software has rules in place to ensure shifts are only sent to eligible employees, managers never have to worry about a shift worker accidentally subbing for an assistant manager.

Managers watching overtime hours can create additional rules that prevent extra shifts from going to employees who’ve worked too many hours or consecutive shifts.

The app allows employees to trade shifts on their own, without ever having to trade phone numbers or ask the manager for help. This gives employees a sense of control over their schedules, which can increase their overall work satisfaction.

2. Availability Management and Auto-Scheduling

The availability management and auto-scheduling software features allow employees to input their availability right into the system. This ensures their scheduler never assigns them shifts that conflict with their other obligations. Managers juggling a bunch of employees can’t always remember what student has afternoon classes or what employee works a second job at night. This can be frustrating for employees, who might sometimes feel like the manager doesn’t care about their commitments.

Humanity Scheduling keeps everyone on the same page by setting rules within the system. The tool is also helpful for matching the correct person with the correct shifts and time slots based on factors like seniority and preferences. This makes the scheduler’s life a whole lot easier while ensuring employees feel their boundaries are supported and respected.

“I love being able to customize what we define as a regular workweek and a regular shift,” shared Humanity user Sean Yost, with OPTIONS Rehabilitation Services. “ streamlines scheduling to our needs and allows us to attach rules specifically to individual roles. Plus, everything is really simple to manage.”

3. Mobile Shift Management

Mobile shift management allows employees to manage their schedules right from their phones or smartwatches. A few simple clicks is all it takes to view schedules, request time off, release or pick up shifts, and adjust availability. Employees have full control over their schedule, with little-to-no manager involvement needed. When your staff feels they are choosing when they work and that their availability is respected by management, they’re more likely to be happy and productive when they show up.

This feature is appreciated by employees and managers alike. Troy Pugeda, Operations Manager for Safeway grocery stores tells us, “It’s an amazing tool. I can’t physically be at all six of my stores all the time, but Humanity is so efficient and convenient that I can manage all my locations from literally anywhere.”

And Cindee Kelly, owner of home care agency CareMinders, appreciates that this solution didn’t require additional hardware to implement, “I needed a better solution that matched clients with caregivers efficiently without making a big investment in equipment. It had to work with the Android or iOS platforms my caregivers already had in hand and give me the ability to communicate with my staff when they are at a client’s home.”

A bonus for the road

Even if your TV is still as thick as a living room chair and you have the Help Desk on speed dial for computer help, you’ll still be able to use these features. The Humanity Scheduling app is super easy to use for all employees, regardless of their tech-savviness.

So, are you ready to put the power of scheduling in the palm of your employees’ hands? Learn more about the full Humanity Scheduling Platform.