July 11, 2016

How Volunteer Employee Scheduling Software Can Help You Schedule Staff Better


Volunteer employee scheduling software helps simplify one of the most daunting tasks the staff coordinator of a non-profit organization faces. Whether your organization has three volunteers, or 300, you know the issues associated with scheduling, monitoring, and communicating with volunteers. Even in the best of situations, a volunteer coordinator’s job can be exhausting.

Employee scheduling software can help you stop wasting time and money.

Humanity provides a powerful, comprehensive solution to your volunteer scheduling responsibilities. This all-in-one, fully customizable tool can automate and streamline every aspect of volunteer labor management, saving you heartache and money.

Let Humanity help you work smarter, so you have more free time to focus on your organization’s mission and goals. Try a free trial version of Humanity today and start transforming the way you manage your volunteer workforce.

At Humanity, we believe in helping businesses achieve their best! We achieve this by providing low-cost employee scheduling and communication tools. For a nominal monthly fee, we are able to save your business time and money while at the same time, increase employee job satisfaction.

Why Non-Profits Needs Volunteer Employee Scheduling Software

Scheduling volunteers is one of the most challenging tasks on a coordinator’s plate. As any volunteer coordinator knows, scheduling, communicating with, and monitoring volunteers and their schedules is difficult at best, and can often be exhausting. You must keep track of volunteers’ names, skills and schedules. Nonprofits, charitable boards, community organizations and even political organizations already run on razor-thin budgets. Time spent juggling volunteer schedules is time that could be better spent focusing on fundraising and other critical operations.

When it comes down to the task of scheduling volunteers, unless you’re utilizing Humanity state-of-the-art online employee scheduling software, you’re wasting time and potentially costing your organization unnecessarily.

Humanity packs the high-tech punch that all volunteer coordinators must have in their scheduling programming. Completely customizable, Humanity can be set up to automate and streamline every bit of criteria that is part and parcel to running a successful organization. Humanity will free you and your volunteer teams to focus on the real reasons you are all involved.

Addressing the Specific Scheduling Needs of Non-Profit Organizations

Using employee scheduling software can help managers in non-profit and volunteer-based organizations schedule their staff more easily by providing the following advantages:

  • Volunteer availability and schedule preferences.
  • Individual skills and event preferences.
  • Projected attendance.
  • Vacation and personal time schedules.

Humanity automatically applies any and all variables to create each individual schedule within seconds, eliminating the lost hours previously spent on performing the chore manually. Humanity is designed to eliminate man-made errors that can lead to volunteer burnout and help to lessen the revolving door syndrome that many charitable organizations endure. In any diverse organization requiring a high level of volunteer staff, Humanity automatically eliminates unnecessary and unexpected volunteer shortages.

Humanity can also be configured separately for each event or ongoing obligation so there is never any doubt that a qualified volunteer is scheduled for each job.

Providing 21st-century technology in an intuitive, broad-spectrum program, Humanity takes the minute changes that are inevitable with every volunteer scheduling process and resolves them immediately with no disruption. Last-minute changes no longer have to mean last-minute scrambling, panic and potential disaster; Humanity is designed to immediately locate replacement volunteers with its integrated SMS messaging system that places volunteers and staff on instant notice at the touch of a mouse.

Volunteers 1

Additional Benefits of Using Volunteer Employee Scheduling Software

Working with volunteers is a fast-paced line of work that requires a high level of management and processes in order to function properly. Investing in employee scheduling software to streamline your scheduling and time tracking process can help you achieve success in the following ways:

  • Automated shift scheduling.
  • Streamlining volunteer rotations.
  • Managing requests for particular shifts.
  • Managing requests for shift swapping.
  • Manual approaches to scheduling volunteers are not only huge time sinks, they leave charitable organizations vulnerable to costly mistakes that can undermine budgets and operations.
  • Set up a separate schedule for trainees.
  • Allow volunteers to arrange their own shift swaps electronically without disrupting a manager.
  • Easily create separate schedules for every sector.
  • Offer individual schedule management options for team leaders.
  • Allow sector managers to oversee and control open shifts, scheduling requests, etc.
  • Let the integrated SMS notification system make scheduling fast and easy.
  • Improve customer service by keeping adequate staff on hand at all times.
  • Eliminate missed shifts due to poor communications.
  • Reduce volunteer turnover by scheduling around each individual’s shift preferences.
  • Reduce absences.
  • Free up your team to attend to important matters.

Humanity’s totally customizable software has powerful tools that makeshift scheduling easy, streamlined and cost-effective.

Improve Efficiency

  • Save time
    Handle all aspects of volunteer staff scheduling with one customizable tool.
  • 24/7 Access
    Access all staff data and schedules from any computer at any time.
  • Intelligent automation
    Fully automated shift scheduling for all regular staff and even special events.

Better Volunteer Retention

  • Easy tracking of staff preferences
    Automatically schedule around individual shift preferences.
  • Better communication
    Volunteers receive automatic SMS text or email notifications when schedules come out.
  • Volunteer staff autonomy
    Staff can arrange shift swaps electronically among themselves without manager involvement.

Streamline Operations

  • Smart planning
    Easily project staffing needs for certain events and projects so you always have just the right amount of staff for the job.
  • Reduce human error
    Automatically account for inevitable small scheduling errors and resolve them immediately with no disruption.
  • Reduce administrative duties
    Greatly reduce time spent on scheduling, allowing coordinators and managers to focus on higher level operations.