July 9, 2021

Top 4 HR Use Cases for Cloud Document Management

With all the complications businesses faced in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, such as company-wide work from home orders, many HR departments are still grappling with these changes even as pandemic restrictions wind down. However, they can still take advantage of the many new ways to organize and process their documentation. 

Cloud document management has been invaluable to businesses during the pandemic, allowing HR managers to store and access employee documentation in a secure environment from their home offices. In a post-pandemic world, cloud document management can continue to improve your business’s documentation processes.

There are a variety of use cases that HR departments can utilize efficient document management provided by TCP’s TimeClock Plus Document Management.

FMLA Requests 
A common request by employees to employers during this time may be for qualified leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Certain employees can qualify for benefits under FMLA if they or a family member suffer severe illness due to COVID-19. 

FMLA requests require a lot of paperwork. Employees that file for FMLA need to complete and return a form along with relevant health documentation to their HR representative. Additionally, HR would need to file both the employee’s doctor note and any additional support documentation required for that company. 

Whether this documentation is handled manually, or in a separate FMLA management solution, consolidating FMLA record management into a solution that handles most of the other workforce management tasks is both more secure and more efficient. It streamlines the FMLA workflow altogether and reduces unnecessary additional systems.

Vaccination Documentation & Test Results
According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an employer may ask, or even require that employees be vaccinated. There are a few exceptions such as disability and religious reasons. Employers can also ask for COVID-19 test results and bar employees from physically entering the workplace. 

About 40 percent of companies currently require or plan to require all employees to be vaccinated, according to a survey by the World Economic Forum.

In certain scenarios, vaccination documentation and test results are considered protected health information (PHI). Therefore it needs to be filed with the same protections as any other sensitive employee health documentations. In a digital environment, this can be done in a compliant manner with encryption-protected document management. 

Employee Onboarding
Onboarding new hires can be streamlined with cloud document management. Employee folders act as a central repository for all documents related to that employee. That same documentation can be safely stored within the system. 

Whenever you need to make changes to that standard documentation, such as the employee handbook, you can upload the new version of the document and it will sync across the system so those changes are reflected in all employee folders.

Performance Management
It’s often the duty of HR to schedule and oversee the performance review process. You need to prepare the required materials for the reviews then prompt the employee’s supervisor to schedule a time to conduct the review. This can lead to a lot of unproductive back-and-forths, often over email, as you attempt to work out the details. After the meeting, you need to make sure everything that was discussed is thoroughly documented and that those documents are organized and easily accessible in the future.

A cloud-based record management system can make this process much more manageable by not letting complications get in the way of constructive performance reviews. Every document-centric employee interaction or process can be made easier, faster, more secure and more compliant with document management from TCP Software. It’s easy for routine performance reviews to get stale and unproductive if all the required paperwork gets in the way of strategizing performance plans and goals with employees.

TCP’s configurable document management solution does so much more than just store your documents. Manage your workforce more effectively with superior organization tools. Contact us for a demo today.