January 9, 2019

Humanity: A Look Back, and What’s Coming in 2019


2018 was an exciting year for Humanity—both for us, as well as you, our loyal customers.

In response to your feedback, we released major product updates, added a host of new, requested features and product capabilities, and greatly improved our platform’s existing functionalities. One of our biggest development is our enterprise support: Humanity is now integrated with the biggest HCM enterprise platforms, and the Humanity mobile app has been improved to allow for full access right from your mobile device—for employees, scheduling professionals, and managers.

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Number of industry executives who joined the Humanity leadership team: Jack Robinson (VP of Solutions Engineering), Andrej Luneski (VP of Engineering) & Charles Orlando (VP of Marketing)


Number of product releases and platform enhancements in 12 months


Number of shifts created in Humanity


Number of Humanity employees across 3 locations


Average time, in seconds, to respond to a new customer support ticket


Average customer satisfaction score (percentage) across thousands of customers and even more locations

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Over the past 12 months, we worked hard to make our platform even more robust and help you work more efficiently. We added some new integrations, released new features, squashed some minor bugs, and updated our mobile app. Here’s a quick look at the work we’re most proud of:

1. New Trade / Release / Drop Shifts Flow

Early in the year, we did a massive revamp of user experience for employees wanting to trade, release, and drop shifts. You can now customize the entire process with no hassle.

2. Adding Scheduled Breaks to Staff Shifts

No more overlapping breaks during the peak hours! With this functionality, managers can create scheduled breaks within each created shift, ensuring full coverage at key times.

3. New Integrations — Square, Dayforce, Namely, and BambooHR

We teamed up with some big names to streamline workforce management. You can now sync your Humanity data with Square, Dayforce, Namely, and BambooHR.

4. A New Way of Creating Shifts

The new, redesigned shift creation process lets you schedule shifts more quickly and easily. It takes only two clicks to get your staff all set up for the coming shifts.

5. Save Schedule Templates

We wanted to provide you with a simple and efficient way to save, reference, and reuse schedule templates at any time. This feature can speed up your shift making a lot. Have you tried it yet?

6. Create Custom Reports

No need for unwanted data in your reports anymore! This year we rolled out our custom reports so that you can pull and present the exact data you need.

7. Updated Humanity Mobile App

We upgraded our Humanity Mobile app so that it can fully support all your business needs. Create, edit, and publish work shifts and schedules right from your phone.

8. Adding Required Skills on a Shift

Strapped for the right talent? No more! You can now ensure that you have workers with the right skills on call when you need them.

9. Creating Shifts in 1-min Increments 

Tired of shifts that don’t run exactly when you need them? We were too. So we ensured that you have more flexibility by enabling the creation and editing of shifts with 1-min increments.

10. Dashboard Performance Optimization

We worked hard to make sure your dashboard never lets you down. It’s now even more robust, faster, and reliable to support all your work, no matter which industry you’re in.

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Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in the year ahead:

New Auto-Fill Scheduler based on scheduling rules

With Auto-Fill Scheduler, you’ll be able to schedule your staff automatically according to the rules you set, whether it’s employment type, licensing, start date, employee rating, or more!

Push Notifications

Never miss any key update again. With push notifications, you’ll stay at the top of the game and manage your workforce like a champ.

An improved way to schedule meal and rest breaks

We want to improve the way you take care of your employees’ meal and rest breaks so that both you and they face less hassle.

A new way to set and approve employees’ availability

We can’t wait to upgrade this functionality and share it with you! You’ll be able to manage your staff’s availability even more efficiently. Stay tuned.