July 29, 2011

Humanity Adds Requested Features To Online Employee Scheduling App


The Humanity team hopes that everyone is enjoying the new features that were released as part of our new online employee scheduling interface. We’ve paid close attention to customer feedback and are continually working to implement feature requests. We’ll be covering updates on the blog, so stay tuned. Below you can find a list of already completed major updates.

The List View of Calendar 

The new list view can be found in the schedule tab of the application. The list view offers a clean way to get an overview of scheduled shifts and provides information such as position, shift time, and employees scheduled. The list view can be generated by day, week, or month. 

Shift Icons (Envelope, Glasses, and Lock) 

The shift icons help schedulers to quickly and easily get an overview of key information about published shifts. They have been reintroduced into the scheduler. The envelope and glasses icons can be found in the visual and to list views. The lock icon can be found not only in the visual and list views but also in employee and position view while in week mode. In case you’ve been wondering, you can find out what the small icons next to your shift time mean below:

Envelope: this icon lets you know that assigned staff has been notified of the shift

Glasses: this icon shows that the employee has logged in since the shift has posted

Lock: this icon signals that the shifts have been published 

Tab of Requests & Approvals (Trade, Vacation, Open Shift) 

Of the most highly requested features to be re-implemented into the software, were those around requests and approvals. Requests for a shift trades, vacation time, and open shifts can now be found in the dedicated area labeled “requests & approvals” located under the action icon. We’re going to be working alot on this section over the coming weeks to both re-integrate some of the functionality that was available inline from the scheduler itself, as well as to more tightly integrate these actions with, for example, our notification system. 

As always, please feel free to let us know of any questions, comments, or concerns. We have a dedicated forum for feedback about the latest release. For more information, reference the guides below: