July 14, 2010

Humanity Announces Industry-First “Pay-as-you-go” Billing Model Starting at $10 Monthly


Humanity Inc. has announced the release of its new billing model, an industry-first “pay-as-you-go” option that allows customers to pay only for the employee
scheduling management services they use.

By rejecting the industry norm, which is to bundle accounts into monthly packages that often charge business owners for more services than they need, Humanity CEO Ryan Fyfe is launching his company’s new billing system to provide business owners with pricing options streamlined to their unique needs.

Humanity’s new pricing starts at $10 a month for a 10-employee staff, which pays for all of Humanity’s powerful scheduling management features. Businesses with more than 10 staff members add a mere 50-cents per employee, per month. The aim is to provide maximum return on investment while clients focus on their bottom line.

Designed to assist businesses in freeing themselves from inefficient and error-prone scheduling methods of the past, Humanity online employee scheduling management software is interactive and intuitive, as easy to use as e-mail, and delivers precision and speed to any business’s scheduling demands.

Since it is entirely web-based, Humanity provides round-the-clock access to up-to-the-minute scheduling information via the Internet. This means every employee can simply log on to any computer at any time to check their work schedule. No more guesswork, no more staff shortages.

The end result is streamlined performance and increased profits. Staff arrives on time, every time, businesses run more efficiently and the days of lost productivity, unnecessary overtime and other avoidable expenses are history.

Humanity uses the latest web technologies to deliver an intuitive online application while at the same time adhering to strict security standards, to ensure client’s data is secure and accessible 24/7.