April 20, 2012

Humanity Announces New Online Employee Training Tools

Humanity is proud to announce a useful new section of our application that will help you with the employee training process. Our new ‘Training’ tab gives managers the ability to share the most up-to-date tutorials and training modules with employees.  The ‘Training’ module allows employees to easily see what topics have been completed, while allowing managers to concurrently keep tabs on training progress. The ‘Training’ module is an easy way to share content with staff, which not only streamlines the staff training process but also saves time and resources on efforts such as communicating policy changes, making company announcements, and much more!

The ‘Training’ tab can be activated within the ‘Account Settings’ found in the ‘Admin’ tab. By navigating to the ‘Staff Settings’ section, you’ll see the option ‘Staff Training Module Enabled *Beta’. Selecting the check-box will activate the module.

Within the ‘Training’ module, users will find two primary units: sections and topics. Topics lie within sections, which act as folders that are used to keep your topics organized. When you first click on the ‘Training’ tab, you will see the below overview screen. You will see a full list of all existing sections and topics (topics under their respective sections) and a note that indicates your training progress.

For managers, the ‘Training’ module is an easier way to share training content with staff, streamlining your employee training process. It gives you the power and flexibility to write, edit and update training modules, knowing that your information is always secure.

You have the ability to attach Humanity tutorials to your training topics and specify which employees are required to complete each tutorial topic. This means that you can keep all your tutorial modules in one place, and still simplify your employees’ lives by only providing them with the tutorials they need. This addition to our application will save you time and effort over traditional methods and keeps your training tutorials organized and centralized. To learn more and read a step-by-step manager-specific guide, view our training for managers tutorial.

For employees, the ‘Training’ module is an easy and accessible way to work through training topics. Employees can keep track of their training progress, ensuring that they don’t miss or repeat topics.

They can work through the training topics anytime, from any web-based device, allowing them to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule. This flexibility makes the training process easier for employees, particularly new employees that are still getting accustomed to their new environment. Employees are also more likely to retain training information in a self-paced environment. Keeping these training topics available and accessible will make the training process effective, and useful for future reference. To read more about the training process for our employees, read our training for employees tutorial.

We hope that our new training section will help to expedite training processes and look forward to any feedback. Currently, the Training module is in beta and we gladly welcome any comments, questions or concerns. Within the ‘Training’ tab, you’ll see a ‘share feedback’ link that will allow comments to be addressed in the ‘Training’ forum.

As always, account-specific concerns can be directed to