July 31, 2012

Humanity Has Made a Number of Improvements to the Training Module for Even Better Staff Management


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our entire application, including our human resource modules because we know how important your staff are to the success of your business. Our ‘Training’ feature has been updated and is even more robust and versatile, allowing you to properly manage your employees and train them in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

We have not only can you now assign a due date, but we have also improved the overall interface and added some great new features like the ability to leave comments, add a digital signature and assign homework. As a manager, you can also specify an estimated completion time so you and your employees can gauge when the training topic should be completed.


Leaving comments on training topics can provide valuable feedback for management staff and insight for fellow employees.

In the ‘Training’ module under the ‘Dashboard’ tab, you can control whether your employees can make comments on the training topics or not. Once you have selected a topic, click ‘Edit this topic’. Once you scroll down to the ‘Comments/Homework’ line, you can select ‘Comments’ from the dropdown menu. The default is set to ‘Disable’ or off. If you select ‘Comments’, users can add comments on the topic. You can, furthermore, set it such that only ‘Managers’ or ‘Managers/Employees’ can see and post comments. Once you have made your desired changes, click ‘Save Settings’ and the changes will go live immediately.

Now, once in a topic, a staff member can send their comments through the ‘Comment’ field by writing in the comment box and clicking ‘Send’. 

Now, they will see the comments, just like they would on the Message Wall on the Dashboard.

Digital Signature

Under the ‘Dashboard’ tab, and the ‘Training’ module, you can now add digital signatures to topics. Once you select a training topic, and click ‘Edit this topic’ you can stroll down to ‘Digital Signature’. By marking the associated checkbox and clicking ‘Save Changes’, you will turn this feature on. When you do so, users have to sign with their correct ‘Full Name’ as set in their profile, instead of clicking the ‘I’ve reviewed this’ button.

Now, once they see the topic, they can sign by typing their full name under ‘Sign here:’ and click ‘Submit Signature’ to submit it.

Now in your account at the end of the topic, you can see who has seen and signed off on the topic.

Once the topic is signed and if the topic changes, the “I’ve re-reviewed this” button will appear and the signed signatures will still be there.

Once it has been re-reviewed, the exclamation icons beside training topic titles will change back to the green checkmark.

Note that the ‘Digital Signature’ feature only works with topics and does not work with comments and homework.


Assigning homework to your employees is easy and you can rest assured that they see it. You can upload one homework assignment per training topic.

Under the ‘Dashboard’ tab, click on ‘Training’ located on the left to open our training module. Click on a specific topic and click ‘Edit this topic. Click ‘Homework’ from the dropdown menu next to ‘Comments/Homework’.

Now, assigned staff will see your comments along with the options to add in their text in the text field and click ‘Send’. Alternatively, they can upload their homework as a file by using the ‘Upload File’ feature.

Once sent, you will have the options to ‘Approve’, ‘Reject’ or ‘Edit’.

If you reject it, it is then sent back to the user for re-editing.

Once you approve it the exclamation icon will change to a green checkmark and it will appear under ‘Completed Status’.

Additionally, if a manager is not tagged on the topic when someone submits homework, he will see it on his page as ‘You have to re-review this topic”.

If you change something in the topic, all users that have been approved will be rejected so they can review and update any missing parameters. Note that you can use ‘Silent Edit’ if you do not want to notify users.

You need to approve all requests on homework thus if a user re-submits a homework assignment, you need to review this and it appear like you never reviewed that topic.

If staff upload files they can also delete them by clicking the ‘X’ next to the file name.

We hope you find our updated ‘Training’ module and new features helpful with your training process. As our ‘Training’ module becomes more and more detailed and integrated, training your employees will become easier and more efficient and result in better-trained staff! Hopefully, you have already reaped the benefits!