September 2, 2010

Humanity Raises Seed Financing For Web-Based Employee Scheduling Software


Humanity, a leading start-up in online employee scheduling is proud to announce that it has secured a significant amount of seed financing. The team will use the funding to further establish itself as the dominant SaaS employee scheduling solution by accelerating platform development and user acquisition.

Most businesses still use paper or spreadsheets to manage employee work schedules, which is complex, time-consuming, and resource-heavy. Founded in 2009, Humanity has already been able to generate results for employees and managers with consistency, saving up to 80% of previous time and dollars spent on scheduling. Such efficiency has allowed Humanity to already have hundreds of satisfied customers including franchises of Days Inn, T-Mobile, and Subway. The Humanity team is currently acutely focused on reaching, servicing, and meeting the needs of even more employees and managers.

“By taking work scheduling to the Cloud, Humanity brings much-needed efficiency and convenience to a tedious business process which hasn’t seen any innovation in a long, long time”, said Christoph Janz, an early investor and advisor at Zendesk and several other successful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. In addition to Christoph, a number of veteran business leaders participated in the investment round and joined the company’s Board of Directors, including Reas Kondraschow, Founding Partner, 3R Hospitality; Hugo Bonjean, Entrepreneur and Business Coach; and Radek Burkat, Founder and CEO, PinkBike.

The company’s latest release features an updated user interface to reduce the learning curve of managers new to the software. Humanity’s new auto-scheduling tool the ‘schedule wizard’ makes employee scheduling easier than ever and improvements in application speed allow companies to save even more time on scheduling-related tasks. The familiar and flexible scheduling options found throughout the application make the software more intuitive to employee managers, who already describe Humanity as “invaluable”.

“With a winning positive attitude and a great framework that is constantly being updated with new features, Humanity is definitely going to be, if it is not already, the ultimate shift scheduling software available. It is completely invaluable to our business and operation”, said Kyle Nordman, Managing Director of Savoury Chef Foods, a catering & event management provider from Vancouver, which has been using Humanity for more than a year.

“The majority of businesses today still use spreadsheets or pieces of paper to manage their business’s scheduling needs,” said Ryan Fyfe, founder and CEO of Humanity. “This is a system that is inherently inefficient and problematic.”

“We’re excited to be working with such an experienced group of advisors. The funding will allow us to accelerate growth and reach more businesses with our intuitive and powerful application,” he added.

About Humanity:

Humanity’s proprietary online software tackles the problem of employee scheduling head-on by providing a centralized platform to both schedulers and employees. In fact, the company has reduced scheduling-related busy work by up to 80% for its average client — allowing managers to focus on growing their business and not on managing it. Humanity’s biggest advantage is that it’s available from any web browser and widely used mobile platforms to schedulers and employees alike. The company has created a straightforward solution that provides both managers and employees with the information they need to make better shift-related decisions. Humanity users benefit from streamlined communication flow and file sharing, open shifts that allow employees to select when they want to work, extensive reporting options, real-time schedule conflict avoidance, 3rd party integration, employee shift swapping, and online time-clocking; and, that’s just the start of our useful features.