July 3, 2012

Humanity Will Make Staff Scheduling For the Fourth Of July Easy And Headache-Free


Getting ready for the Fourth Of July fireworks? Keeping your business open for Independence Day? Humanity is here to help make this week easier and headache-free.

Humanity’s integrated online workforce management can help your business deal with the difficulties of a mid-week federal holiday—no matter how big or small, what industry your business falls under, or whether you are a single location or multilocation. With big holiday festivities occurring all over the country, scheduling staff can be a giant headache.

Creating conflict-free schedules during federal holidays requires efficient communication by both the employee and the employer. Using an integrated and centralized workforce management platform, like Humanity’s, allows employees to indicate their availability thus allowing employers to easily see where schedule conflicts have arisen. Streamlining this process and implementing minimal back-and-forth communication helps businesses run smoother during largely celebrated public holidays.

On that same note, giving staff the ability to trade shifts among themselves helps to minimize the amount of coordination needed between staff and employers that may otherwise be necessary. This allows the management staff to focus more on running their business without having to worry about being understaffed. Additionally, automatic rate cards make the processes of paying employees overtime or holiday rates seamless and efficient.

Staying on top of leave management and tracking staff vacations is easy and automated with Humanity’s workforce management software application – particularly useful for holidays such as this year’s Fourth of July. As the public holiday falls on a Wednesday, many staff members are requesting vacation time before and after the fourth.

With Humanity, it is easy to set up rules such as the number of days an employee can take off annually, the maximum number of staff allowed on vacation at any given time and more. You can finally take control of your vacation and leave management, easily keep track of who is off and when, and quickly approve or disapprove any vacation requests (which are brought to your attention immediately).

Dealing with a mid-week federal holiday is no problem when you’re using Humanity’s online solution! We can help you deal with creating irregular schedules, pay your employees correctly and deal with a potential influx of vacation requests!