July 16, 2013

Humanity’s Centralized Online Scheduling Tool Is Helping Covenant Harbor Bible Camp to Manage Their Staff Effectively


Covenant Harbor Bible Camp and Retreat Center has been in operation since 1947, it is owned and operated by the central conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. They offer summer camp, outdoor education, retreat experience so that people can enjoy creation, recreation and build relationships.

The center operates all around the year and manages roughly 27,000 guests. They have 40 to 50 full/part-time employees and in summer season it can go up. All the activities at the center are managed by various departments.

Before switching to Humanity every department had its own system ranging from pen and paper, excel to google calendar. there were no two things alike and information was not shared well across department lines. The main problem for the center was lack of centralized system which can be used as an online scheduling tool, payroll management as well as can provide better communication throughout the organization.

Now after opting to Humanity, Covenant Harbor Bible Camp can manage all workforce-related activities from one place. They get intuitive online scheduling tool,  payroll management, time clocking and employee communication in a single cloud-based system. The center now uses an online scheduling tool and time clocking extensively. The staff can now access their schedules and communicate from anywhere with ShiftPlaning’s mobile and tablet applications.

Jason Fischer, IT Manager for Covenant Harbor Bible Camp, liked the fact that he can access the application from his computer, cellphone or tablet. Further, he added,

As a manger I am never at a point where I cannot find out the schedule or access employee information.


Humanity Team is glad that our application is helping Covenant Harbor Bible Camp and Retreat Center manage their staff effectively.