June 4, 2012

Humanity’s Custom Field Options Expands and Strengthens Employee Management


Humanity’s user-friendly and adaptable workforce and employee management software offers an expanded system for setting up and storing employee information. By utilizing our built-in custom fields, you can now save personal information as well as work-related information directly in the employee’s file.

Humanity allows you to set up custom fields for employee profiles so that you can customize the type of information that you want to save with each employee. For example, you can create a custom field to store your employee’s t-shirt size, drivers license numbers, emergency contact number or an extended biography. These versatile custom fields can be expanded to your preference and can be customized to suit your business needs.

To create a new custom field, go to the ‘Staff’ tab and click ‘Custom Fields’ under the ‘Actions’ subheading.

In the resulting window, you can add any custom employee fields and as many as you would like. Under ‘Add New:’, you can type in the name for your custom field, type and the permission level of the custom field. 

In the ‘Type’ drop-down menu, you can indicate if it is short text (less than 200 characters), long text, an options list or a checkbox (yes / no toggle). 

If you select the options list, you will see a new box where you can input the options you want to provide your employees, such as small, medium and large for clothing size. 

The permission level allows you to set who will be able to see the custom field, whether it is just the employee, just management staff or both.

Once you have created a new custom field, you will see in each employee’s staff profile. You can edit this field in the same way that you would edit any other employee field. Click on the desired employee, and click ‘Edit Details’ under their profile picture. Now you can edit the custom field or input any necessary information. For example, the below image shows two custom fields: T-shirt size (with an options list) and license number.

This functional and robust feature gives you even more options and tools to customize your employee profiles. You can now keep all relevant and pertinent information in one centralized and secure place.