October 16, 2013

Humanity’s Employee Scheduling Tool Has Revolutionized Scheduling For Susan Gray School – Vanderbilt


Susan Gray School in Nashville, Tennessee is an early childhood inclusive preschool located on the Peabody Campus of Vanderbilt University.  They serve over 100 families each day through their classroom and community outreach programs. These families have children with and without disabilities. They have also partnered with the Special Education Department of  Vanderbilt University and serve as a training ground for undergraduate and graduate students.

The school has around 40 employees and it was very important for them to have their classrooms be staffed according to state and university guidelines. Before turning to Humanity’s employee scheduling tool the school used to do scheduling using spreadsheet software. They were using emails to send the schedule over to employees. This process was time-consuming. It was no more efficient for the school and their employees to continue using manual scheduling process. They needed a centralized employee scheduling tool where both the managers and employees can access it at the same time, a tool which can be updated in real-time and can also be used for employee communication.

The school found Humanity’s employee scheduling tool to be perfect for their needs and decided to use it. Now after opting to Humanity it has allowed their staff to access their schedule at any time as well as they can do any last-minute changes. The school found the scheduling tool very easy to use and it has improved communication between employees. Our employee scheduling tool being a centralized cloud-based tool, it is accessible for the school employees all the time from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphones. With the 24/7 live phone, chat and email support, it has been very easy for the school staff to learn and clear their doubts.

When asked about overall performance and improvements over last system, Michelle Wyatt, Assistant Director at Susan Gray School said,

The program has revolutionized our scheduling process.

Humanity team is happy that our employee scheduling tool has truly revolutionized scheduling process for Susan Gray School – Vanderbilt.