December 12, 2012

Humanity’s Enhanced Time Clock System Gives More Flexibility to Employee Time Keeping


Time clocking is one of the key features of Humanity’s online application. We have made various enhancements to this feature since our launch to make it easier and more flexible for our users to take advantage of our time clock system. While many users are starting to grow more familiar with clocking in and out through Humanity, there are instances when employees just simply forget to. With the newly added feature to our time clock system, staff members have the ability to make changes to their shift timeline to include times where they have had breaks or had clocked out at a different time. After the staff member saves these timesheet edits, the manager will have all versions of that timesheet to look over and approve.

Staff can edit their ‘Time Sheet Events’ by going to the ‘Time Clock’ tab and clicking on the timeline icon as seen in the ‘My Timesheets’ area on the right.

After selecting the timeline icon, a pop-up window shows a complete timeline for that particular shift. To make edits to this shift, simply click ‘Edit Mode’

Now, employees can change the clock in and out times and dates by typing in the respective field boxes. To include a new ‘Position’ worked, click on the schedule icon. To include a break time, click on the coffee cup break icon and choose between the break options available. To remove an event in the shift timeline, just click on the ‘X’ to the right of each event, as seen here:

Once finished, add reasons for the timesheet change to submit for manager’s approval then click ‘Save & Close’ and the new timesheet will appear.

The updated timesheet will be listed at the top of the staff member’s ‘My Timesheets’ area.

An alert in the Humanity application prompts the manager about timesheets that need approval.

Select ‘Manage Timesheets’ below ‘Management’ and both timesheets will be available for the manager to approve or re-approve.

We hope this feature enhancement to our time clock system allows employee timekeeping to be more flexible and less time consuming for managers. Employees can now make the actual changes and the managers just have to review and approve.

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