May 24, 2012

Humanity’s Performance Management Features Help Businesses With Unexpected Employee Absenteeism


Unscheduled employee absenteeism is rising in the workforce, and businesses are losing ground when it comes to the repercussions. Most unfortunate is the fact that less than one-third of absences from the workplace are actually related to poor health. The cost of employee absenteeism can quickly add up, but can be easily eliminated or, at least, drastically reduced. Humanity’s integrated employee management features allow managers to keep track of staff, stay up-to-date with staff performance management and reduce business headaches – all from one centralized platform.

Problems associated with employee absenteeism range from employees not showing up for their shifts, taking last-minute sick days, or requesting time off or shift trades without significant notice. It is essential for businesses to communicate effectively, for it to become quickly noted if an employee is tardy or absent from a shift, and for managers to quickly recover from unexpected changes or absences. Our robust staff scheduling and workforce management software creates a buffer that allows businesses and managers to efficiently recover from unexpected schedule changes, and gives management staff detailed business insight with accurate performance management tools.

Between our shift notifications, shift trade system and our diverse set of communication lines, employees can be given the responsibility of finding replacements as needed. When schedules are created, edited and shared, employees are clearly notified of shifts they are assigned to and are given the tools and resources to request shift trades and more. This gives staff fewer acceptable excuses such as claiming they were unaware of their shifts or schedule changes, particularly if they know that management staff has access to performance management reports.

Similarly, our ‘Who’s on now’ feature on the Dashboard, shown below, quickly shows managers and staff who is currently clocked into their shift, at what time they clocked in, and who is supposed to be clocked in but is not. Thus, managers can easily identify if staff members are absent or tardy.

From this same spot, you can employee ‘Ping’ your employees by clicking the speech bubble beside each employee. By doing this, you can send them a quick notification to indicate that they are scheduled for a shift.

Furthermore, our real-time automatically generated reports are extensive and secure, and give you great business insight. As a manager, you can generate timesheet summaries and view employee attendance reports, like the one below, which give you great insight into employee tardiness and absenteeism.

Our ’Training’ module also ensures that your company’s policies are clearly written and disseminated to all staff members. Training all supervisors and employees will confirm that your expectations and policies are explained, understood and fairly applied.

Employee absenteeism is one of the most common workplace problems faced by management staff. Our integrated staff schedule, employee performance management, and communication lines, streamlines and automates the employee management process, and automatically compiles data in easy-to-read reports so you can control costs and improve productivity.