January 1, 2011

Improved employee scheduling Print Handling – Just in time for the New Year!


2010 was a busy year for Humanity. We kept up a busy release cycle through-out the year both with incremental improvements as well as full new product platforms such as the online time-clocking. We haven’t slowed down; you’re going to see things move even faster this year.

Getting to an early start to our 2011 software updates we have just released our new print functionality allowing you to print beautiful employee work schedules faster and easier than every before.

The new print module includes a number of big fixes/improvements as well as a much faster interface that is finally cross-browser compatible. Here is a full look at the changes:

  • Month ViewYou can now print your employee work schedules in both week & month view.
  • New InterfaceThe new interface is faster and full size allowing you to much easier preview and customize your schedule before sending it your printer (or saving it as a .pdf).
  • More OptionsInclude your business name, address, logo, title, notes, and hide employee totals
  • Download/Export OptionsYou now have the ability to quickly export the schedule to .pdf, .xls and .csv
  • Improved Employee PrintingEmployees now have the ability to print a month view of their schedules as well as print the other schedules that they have view/scheduler permissions on.

For a full preview click on the image below:


Want more Formats?

The new version of the Print Handling allows us to be much more flexible for adding new print-formats. If you have a format that you would like to see please send us an e-mail with the details to: