October 1, 2012

Loyola University Chicago Look To Humanity For Their Extensive Scheduling Needs

Stationed between two campuses (the Lake Shore and Water Tower), the Loyola University Chicago Media Services (DMS) only has few full-time staff members that manage the 65 student workers. Originally starting with only 25 student workers, managing the students’ schedules in this complex environment became stressful. Accommodating constantly changing student schedules that are prone to last-minute availability changes can be a challenge for management staff. In this hectic environment based on a week to week scheduling system, DMS needed a better way to handle student requested schedules and availability.

Prior to Humanity, staff schedules were created via spreadsheet, email and discussion board postings. Humanity’s easy to use scheduling software allowed for stronger communication in reference to shift times, availability and shift trades. Our public message wall, our private inbox, and our ‘Ping’ system, DMS staff can stay connected at all times. The Humanity employee staff schedule is always up-to-date and allows DMS student workers to check the shift schedule at all hours of the day, from anywhere.

When unexpected last-minute changes arise, there are associated hassles with making smooth employee shift trades as well as communicating those changes to staff, particularly when the majority of employees are students. Humanity makes this process easy. Juggling diverse student schedules is now hassle-free as DMS student workers can request shift trades and pick up open shifts with management staff absent from the process until the final approval stage. Full-time staff can now spend the time they would normally spend on coordinating staff schedules on other more important tasks.

DMS juggle student workers between multiple locations, which can be confusing and cumbersome when creating weekly shift schedules. Humanity’s customizable staff scheduling software allows managers to coordinate multiple locations from a single account. Furthermore, our employee management software encourages employee involvement, resulting in more conflict-free schedules. DMS student workers can indicate their weekly availability and any changes to their regular schedule all from the Humanity application. DMS has significantly minimized shift errors and there are fewer questions and issues regarding schedule-related issues since it is clear and structured, for both full-time staff and student workers.

”I would very much recommend Humanity: the team appears to be quite responsible to requests from clients regarding change and open to making modifications to their work schedule maker.” – Adam Smeets, Loyola University


The Humanity team enjoys working with a dynamic and involved team like DMS. We are glad to contribute to making your staff and student scheduling process easier and appreciate hearing feedback and ideas.