February 10, 2010

Make scheduling headaches a thing of the past with online employee scheduling benefits


Online employee scheduling benefits are numerous. The most important benefits for a business are that they save a lot of time and money, and they make it more likely that staffing levels will be correct for any given shift. It is also worth mentioning that staff members tend to favor this type of system once they get used to it. There are different systems available but most software is similar in the available functions. In the rest of this article we will look a bit more closely at the online employee scheduling benefits that are available when you choose this type of system.

The greatest online employee scheduling benefits is the time saving capability. Changing shifts is easy and many of the scheduling tasks can be automated; this means there will be no more need to spend hours dealing with excel sheets or even worse plain old paper. It will be possible to turn scheduling from a task that took hours every week to one that takes minutes. Just having this one example of online employee scheduling benefits would be enough to justify the system for most people.

Another of the online employee scheduling benefits is that staff can check their shifts twenty-four hours a day. They can have their schedules emailed to them or they can just log on to check. This will mean that there will be no wasted time answering phone calls for people who have forgotten if they are working the next day. It also means that employees have even less excuse for missing shifts by claiming that they didn’t realize they were working. Another of the online employee scheduling benefits is that they are very clear and not as messy as paper or even excel schedules.

Most systems have optional online employee scheduling benefits. For example you can allow staff members to trade shifts with the process being controlled automatically. You can set the program so that only staff of the same job title/skill level can do these changes. This service can be a great benefit because a lot of management time can be wasted trying to find cover for people who want time off; it also means that there will be no need for management to have to break the bad news that time off is not possible as the computer will decide.

If you want you can even allow for self-scheduling using the system and this can be a great boon for the business and the employee. When this system is working efficiently it can be the greatest of the online employee scheduling benefits. If the system is running smoothly there will be very little work left for management to do in regards to scheduling; all they have to really do is set the parameters and monitor changing needs.

As you can see there are many online employee scheduling benefits. Of course the system will not be necessary for all businesses. If you only have a small company with three employees then this type of thing might be overkill, but for large companies this type of system is definitely worth considering.