June 28, 2012

Make Staff Schedules Read-Only To Avoid Mistakes And Strengthen Your Workforce Management Processes


As part of our robust and flexible employee scheduler, we give you the ability to turn ‘Read Only’ mode on and off. This means that you will avoid making unwanted mistakes or changes to your schedule while using other modules of our application. We want our workforce management and scheduling application to be easy-to-use, intuitive and time-saving. With many tabs and a multifaceted application, it is important to our team that we ensure unwanted changes are not made (and mistakes are easily undone).

Our read-only feature allows you to view your entire schedule as well as use the rest of our application, while removing the permission to change any part of the schedule. This makes the schedule fool-proof as managers cannot modify or delete schedules or shifts, but still have full access to the information.

Under the ‘Schedule’ tab, to the left of the view menu, you will find the ‘Read Only Lock’, beside the budget button.

Clicking on the lock icon will toggle the read-only feature on and off. Turn it on if you do not want to edit your schedule by accident while you are using other parts of our application. If you turn it on, you will see ‘Read Only Mode On’ in orange beside the filter options, like below:

With the toggle on, you will not be able to edit the schedule if you try to. Instead, you will see a notification indicating that you are in ‘Read Only Mode’.

The Humanity team hopes that this feature enables you to make the most of our other modules, while being reassured that your schedule remains untouched.