September 22, 2022

Manage Schedule Settings

Manage Schedule Settings

Easily overlooked but extremely helpful is setting up the defaults for your Schedule and Calendar views. In Schedules under Setup, click on the gear icon next to Schedules at the top, as shown below. 

Schedules Setup Gear

From this page, you can define your default schedule view, assign the start day of the week, and select an open shifts option. 

General Schedule Settings
Choose which view you would like your members to see most often by selecting that view as your Default Work Schedule View. Members can still switch to other views but this one will also be the default when selecting Schedules from the navigation bar. 

When you select the day of the week for the Week Start Day, your weekly schedule views under Schedules will be reflected appropriately.  

Monthly Calendar View Settings
Choose between Split Open Shifts or Group Open Shifts. As an example, split open shifts will display a shift as 0700 – 1900 and then another open shift from 1900 – 0700. Members can easily sign up for just one of the shifts. However, you may prefer to group open shifts as 0700 – 0700 (next day). This will minimize spacing on your calendar view and allow a member to sign up for just part of the 24 hour shift if allowed in setup. 

When you select the day of the week for the Week Start Day, your monthly calendar view under Schedules will be reflected appropriately. 

Schedules Setup Settings

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