March 15, 2024

Maximize school- and district-wide Communication with InstaSub’s Announcements feature


Keeping everyone in the loop is essential to all districts. InstaSub’s Announcements feature allows administrators to broadcast messages efficiently to specific groups or individuals, ensuring no one misses out on vital information. Administrators can easily access the Announcements tab on the far left drop down menu within the application:

Here’s how to make the most of this feature:

  1. Targeted messaging: Use the ‘Select District’ and ‘Select School’ dropdowns to tailor your audience. Whether you want to reach teachers, non-teaching staff, or substitutes, InstaSub lets you pinpoint your recipients.
  2. Drafting announcements: With a user-friendly text editor, crafting your message is straightforward. Remember to give your announcement a clear title for easy reference.
  3. Scheduling delivery: Plan your announcements with the ‘Schedule Announcement’ option. Set a date and time for the announcement to go live and expire, so messages are timely and relevant.
  4. Multi-channel distribution: Choose to send via the InstaSub mobile app, the InstaSub web app, and/or email. This ensures that recipients receive the information via the right touchpoints.
  5. View past announcements: After sending out an announcement, check the ‘Past Announcements’ tab to review the messages that have been sent. This helps keep track of what information has been disseminated and might need follow-up.

Pro tip: Always preview your announcement before sending it out to catch any typos or errors and to ensure the formatting is as intended.

Clear and effective communication is just a few clicks away with InstaSub’s Announcements feature. Make it your go-to for keeping everyone informed and connected.