March 7, 2012

Meet the Wizard Guide: Workforce Management Software Gets Even Easier


Humanity has released a large overhaul of our previous setup system in addition to making vast improvements to our in-app training process. As part of this release, we have enhanced our social integrations, updated the ‘Add Employee’ & ‘Fast Assignment’ sections of the staff tab, and improved our Dashboard. You can learn more about this exciting new release below.

The Wizard Guide 

Humanity’s employee scheduling software is already intuitive and easy to understand, but our new Wizard Guide is available to ensure that our application is accessible to all employees and management staff. The Setup Wizard guides initial account setup. It also keeps track of what has been completed and what still requires attention, allowing you to leave the Setup Wizard at any time and continue working from where you left off. After collecting key details for the initial setup, the Wizard Guide shows users some of Humanity’s most useful features.

Dashboard 2.0 

Say hello to your dedicated account rep! The new dashboard gives managers access to full contact information as well as the ability to request a demo or ask for assistance directly in the application.

In addition to the being introduced to their customer care rep, users will also be able to see the progress made on the Setup Wizard described above and can restart the guide to revisit any sections at any time. In this section, users can see their training process progress on the completion bar.

Furthermore, dashboard alerts (notifications), Who’s On Now, Message Wall &  Upcoming Shifts have all gotten a more user-friendly makeover.  See some of the updates below:

Add Employees 

The improved ‘Add Employees’ makes it easy to add staff to Humanity. Contacts can be automatically imported from e-mail accounts (We support over 100 providers!) and social networks, or staff can be imported via CSV. To connect Facebook, Google Apps, or email account simply click on one of the icons under “add from contacts.” Click the “Import .csv File” to upload from a spreadsheet.  Alternatively, staff can be added manually using the form on the left. For each employee, we only require a name. We recommend adding an e-mail address as well which will allow Humanity to send account activation e-mails and notifications

Assign Positions 

Once staff has been added to Humanity, they must be assigned to positions to be scheduled on shifts. Properly assigning staff to positions also helps to avoid scheduling conflicts and allow events such as shift trades to happen only with other staff who are also eligible to work on that specific position. Managers can assign positions to staff by navigating to ‘assign positions’ (formerly “fast assignment”) in the staff tab.

In the left navigation section (above the “staff list”), “unassigned” can be clicked to reveal staff that still require position assignments.locations and positions are listed next to the staff member’s name. To assign staff, click on the applicable checkboxes.  Staff can also be assign ‘by position’ or ‘by skill’, using the respective link in the bottom of “Staff List.”

Social Integration 

Humanity allows organizations to socialize the processes of scheduling and clocking through integrations with Google Apps, Facebook and more. In the new ‘Add Employees’ described above, managers can add staff from their social network to quickly and easily populate their profile and start building the schedule.  With this new release, all users have the option to automatically update their Facebook statuses directly from the Humanity application.

First, a user needs to connect their Facebook and Humanity profiles. This can be done during the Setup Wizard or at any time by clicking the “Facebook” link under the staff profile image. Connecting a Facebook profile gives users the option to sync relevant information such as your photo and can also allow for login to the Humanity system using your Facebook credentials.

Once Facebook has been connected, simply choose from several options from the drop down menus shown below:

And your Facebook status will automatically be updated with each relevant event:

Single Sign-On—SAML 

Humanity now supports Single Sign-on, a feature that allows users to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. Along with single sign-on, Humanity will be giving managers the option to disable password login. Therefore, if a manager were to disable a user from, for example, Google Apps, that user would also no longer be able to access a connected Humanity. Single Sign-On can improve security through centralizing access and removing the need for individual users to manage multiple individual passwords. Humanity uses SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) for Single Sign-On. To enable SSO, visit the admin tab and navigate to the integration section. There you’ll have access to the required information.

We hope our improvements make it easier to navigate and manage your scheduling processes.