August 19, 2019

Platform Update: New and Improved Mobile App Notifications


After introducing compliance-ready break rules and our AI-powered Auto-Fill Schedule, Humanity is launching a critical update of our mobile apps that includes an upgraded notification system. In response to customer requests, we’re pleased to announce that push notifications are now available in the Humanity iOS and Android mobile apps.

These notifications make it effortless for supervisors and scheduling professionals to communicate schedule changes and manage leave requests and shift trades in real-time, right from their mobile device. Employees get instant schedule updates and reminders, reducing understaffing and virtually eliminating unexpected absences.

Humanity push notifications

5 benefits of Humanity’s new notification system

  • Push notifications for 60+ data points—from clock-in/out reminders to schedule updates to availability requests, Humanity notifications have our customers covered, making schedule management simple and quick, even during unforeseen emergencies.
  • No slipping through the cracks—all notifications can be viewed anytime in the dedicated in-app Notification Center, eliminating missed emails.
  • High adoption rate—our experience has shown that employees are more likely to mute most notifications on email and SMS, but not mobile push notifications.
  • Essential and actionable information only—we ensured minimal intrusion with clear messaging.
  • Streamlined user experience—notifications are directly linked to the relevant section of the app, so users can instantly respond to the alert.

Turn on push notifications today

Push notifications are enabled by default on the company and employee level, so you can use them with your next schedule publication. iOS users need to enable notifications manually on their devices. More detailed instructions are here. And don’t hesitate to share your impressions with us via