November 13, 2017

My Schedule Page Is Now Available in Mobile

Aladtec’s mobile version recently added a My Schedule page. This feature is very similar to the My Schedule page in the desktop version. It provides monthly and daily information specific to each member, in a color-coded format, making it easy to review and complete tasks relating to scheduled shifts, open shifts, trades, time off requests, and trades.

Additional details about the My Schedule page are included below. Note: Features within the My Schedule page may not be available, due to your system configuration. To take advantage of these features, please contact your System Admin or Aladtec Support for assistance.

Accessing the My Schedule page

Quickly access the My Schedule page via the Menu. Scroll down to view key information relating to Scheduled Time (including Minimum Staffing and Schedule Notes), Time Off, Trades, Open Shifts, and Events.

Viewing information for a specific day

The My Schedule page defaults to displaying an overview of the current month along with specific information on scheduled shifts, open shifts, trades, time off requests, and events for the current day. Tap a day in the month to view information for that day. Navigate to the previous or next month quickly, by using the arrows next to the date. Tap the displayed month to pick a new month or year. To return to the current day, use the Today option.

Setting View Options

Configure the My Schedule page to display Scheduled Time, Time Off, Trades, Open Shifts, or Events via View Options. These settings are automatically saved for returning to the My Schedule page.

Completing tasks relating to Shifts and Trades

Tap the color blocks at the bottom of the My Schedule page to view additional details and complete tasks. From the color blocks:

  • See details of your upcoming shift, and request time off or a trade (blue blocks)
  • Sign up for open shifts (purple blocks)
  • Accept trade requests (greenish/brown blocks)
  • Learn event details (brown blocks)

If you have questions or need help with the My Schedule page, please contact your Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always, thank you for using Aladtec.

~ Your Aladtec Team