November 27, 2012

New Addition to Humanity’s Online Time Clock Function

Managers are now able to choose an X amount of time for staff to clock in and out before or after their shift starts and ends. This exciting new addition to Humanity’s time clock feature allows for more flexibility of when employees are allowed to clock in and out.

Humanity’s online time clock compliments very well with our employee scheduling and workforce management software. We offer location-specific time clock ‘Terminals’ as well as an online, in-app ‘Time Clock’. Our employee scheduling system also allows for uploading existing timesheets to help with a smooth transition to our online time clock software. Within the ‘Time Clock Settings’, managers can activate and deactivate the ‘Time Clock’ module, control multiple aspects of the virtual ‘Time Clock’ and choose to allow imported timesheets.

To find the ‘Time Clock Settings’, go to the tab ‘Admin’ and under ‘Account Settings’.

Scroll down and you will find ‘Time Clock Settings’

For more information about Humanity’s online time clock settings feature, watch our video tutorial here: