July 9, 2012

New Daily Peak Reports Give Managers Greater Business Insight & Location-Based Overviews


The Humanity team is constantly looking for ways to improve upon our existing array of workforce management and staff scheduling reports. We understand the importance of running comprehensive and accurate reports at a moments notice. So, we have designed our intuitive application to include the features and report tools that you need – all in real-time.

Since we first launched Humanity, we have been listening to your input and developing our application to your needs. We have just released another report! Our new ‘Daily Peak Hours’ report allows you to show the maximum daily hours, listed by location, to help you gauge the peak hours of your business. It allows you to quickly see where you have more employees scheduled and where, giving you greater insight into your business.

You can see the total peak hours for all ‘Locations’ under the ‘Schedule Overview’. The number you see is a calculation of the total number of shifts for the day, multiplied by the number of employees that worked those shifts, multiplied by the length of the shifts (in hours).

As with all of our reports, we give you several filter and view options. You can choose one of our preset ‘Timeline’ options or enter specific dates in the top left corner of the window, to filter the reports by date. All timeline options are held within switching between different reports. This makes reporting significantly faster when working on more than one report.

Similarly, you have the option to print and/or export each report by clicking the ‘Print Report’ or ‘Save as a .CSV’ links, respectively, on the top right corner of the window.

We hope you find this report gives you greater business insight and further control over your business! Please feel free to let us know what you think, ask any questions or express your concerns in the comments below or by emailing