May 14, 2013

New Password Expiration Feature Further Enhances Humanity App Security


Privacy and security of user data being top priority at Humanity, we continuously enhance Humanity app security. Keeping the login information confidential is very important as it can be a direct gateway to one’s personal as well as other important information. In order to provide enhanced security to your login information, recently we released a new password expiration feature.

You can access this feature going to your Admin Panel and clicking on Account Settings.

Scroll down until you see ‘Login Options’ and the ‘Password Expiration’ feature will be listed next to the *newindicator.

If you don’t want to use this just leave the option on ‘never’.

How does this password expiration feature work?

when a user tries to login, the app checks the expiration of password as per the option you have selected. If it is valid, the user will be logged in successfully.

If the password has expired then user will be asked to reset the password.

If user chooses the same password it will give an error.

After a successful reset of password user will be logged in the app.

It is always recommended to change your password frequently. Maybe once a year or after a few months or even every day, depending on your businesses’ privacy and security policies. We hope this new password expiration feature will help you keep your login information and user data safe and secure. Feel free to add your thoughts/comments below. If you have any questions you can email us at, or tweet us @Humanity


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